Star Wright, Star Bright

Bartender Star Wright Brings Flair to the Night

Star the Bartender

Mesmerizing patrons, guests and clientele, Star Wright is a proficient flair bartender. Tossing, catching and flipping bottles is a complicated task, but Star Wright is amazingly proficient at juggling as he makes mixed drinks. Star Wright has entered five flair bartending competitions, and has won all five. Of course, he did not amass such skill overnight, nor was bartending the first career path he pursued. The 32-year-old bartender has served resort guests, restaurant patrons and even the elite at one of supermodel Gigi Hadid’s events. 

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Star Wright grew up in a military family. He lived in North Carolina, Minnesota and Texas before finally moving here, to California. Wright first worked as a construction worker, until he realized he no longer wished to continue in a hard labor profession. Wright desired a career that was fun and enjoyable, yet still provided a nice payout. Bartending offered Wright the opportunity to have fun and put his people skills to work, talking and engaging with customers and patrons. He enjoys talking sports, politics, life and the universe, whatever it is people want to talk to him about. Wright takes pleasure in connecting with clients and bar-goers as he brings a bit of flair to the evening, juggling the bottles, mixers and other bar toys throughout the evening. 

Wright started his foray into the bartending world about seven years ago. He enrolled in the Mixology Bartending Academy to pursue a certificate/license in mixology and graduated at the top of his class. Wright started out only knowing roughly 100 mixed drink recipes, and now he knows well over 1,000 different cocktails. If that isn’t enough impressive, he can juggle up to six different containers or bottles at once, seven if he is really showing off his skills. Keeping up with six flying, fragile objects is a daunting task, a task most couldn’t accomplish.

Flair bartending was the way Wright decided to stand out from the rest of his classmates at the bartending academy. Wright is self-taught in the art of flair bartending, “I essentially locked myself up in a room for six months to teach myself to catch the bottles I would fling up in the air,” Wright shares. After breaking well over 10,000 bottles and glasses, and immense hours of self-training, Wright started amazing people with his talent at gigs and competitions. Wright has entered six competitions, five of them focusing on flair style and skill. He won first place at all five Flair competitions with his unique style and remarkable skills. In 2014, Wright was considered the number one flair bartender in the San Diego area. 

It has been seven years since Wright began his journey to become a renowned flair bartender, and he has worked with many companies, organizations and establishments to get where he is today. Wright worked for Club Med, living the “resort life” for some time, which consisted of traveling to numerous places and living out of a suitcase in resort quarters. Eventually, he started to work for restaurants like Mike’s BBQ and Beach House, Cardiff by the Sea, which brought him back to the San Diego area. He has also entered other short-term contracts and been sponsored by a few different companies such as Top Shelf Bar Supply. You can contract Wright to work private events, weddings, corporate events and exclusive venues. If you are looking to add some extraordinary flair to the evening, look up Star the Bartender. 

Currently, Wright works at BBQ House Ocean Beach and gives flair bartending demonstrations Monday through Friday. You’ve also seen him at various FINE events over the years, bringing a unique flair to the night as he juggles cups, bottles and shakers. Seven years into bartending, the 32-year-old still enjoys talking with the myriad people that his job brings him into contact with. It is a rare feat, to find a job that one truly and honestly revels in and making a career out of it. Having taught himself the flair bartending technique, he made himself stand out when compared to other bartenders. Star Wright most definitely shines like a star at night while he is juggling and making drinks. 

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