Start Living Sustainably — Here’s How

If you are one of the many who grew up in the more provincial or rural parts of the country, you probably have memories of visiting an aunt’s farm or an uncle’s barn. There, they live quite sustainably. They grow their own food. They also get their own milk from their own cattle. They practically have all their basic needs within the confines of their property.

Such a way of sustainable living is desirable nowadays, especially since there are a lot of threats and issues with the environment. The polar ice caps are getting thinner. Forests are receding like the hairline of an old man. Water sources are getting contaminated.

Of course, you do not need to have your own farm or hectares of land to start living sustainably. To live sustainably is to cut back on our consumption of goods, especially the artificially produced ones. Your reduced consumption, in turn, decreases the amount of waste that you make.

Consider this article your very own sustainable living guide. Here, we present specific things that you can do to contribute to the conservation of the environment.


Maintain your own little garden

If you are living alone, then tending to your garden is one activity that can keep you stimulated. Aside from the anti-stress capacities of vegetation in general, gardening can give you the physical exercise that you need, and you can get your greens and fruits from there.

You have to be aware of the type of soil that you have in your area so that you will also know what types of edible plants to grow. Of course, no single soil type can cater to every plant imaginable. If you need to buy other types of produce, purchase them straight from the farms near you. That way, you are sure of what you are getting.


Generate your own electricity

Installing solar panels can be a big investment. However, its benefits in the long run can surely outweigh the initial costs. Not only will you be able to help preserve the environment, you will also see significant reductions in your electric bill.

Of course, if you have plans of going solar, you should bear in mind that you need be in a place where the sun shines brightly most of the time. If you are still house hunting as of the moment, avoid spots where shade is abundant.


Buy and use only energy-efficient automobiles

Electric cars are becoming a trend today. Companies such as Tesla and even big names such as Toyota are in a race to create the most environmentally friendly vehicles. However, because the design is new and car parts are not yet mass produced, electrically powered cars tend to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

If the affordability of electric cars is a problem, you can opt instead for cars that have very efficient engines. Be mindful of how many miles a liter of gasoline can reach.


Make walking your main means of getting around

Even if you have a highly efficient car, it’s still going to be much more helpful if you just walk to where you want to go, especially if those places are nearby. Walking gives your body the exercise that it needs. It also allows you to socialize with neighbors and other people that you meet along the road.