Staying Healthy & Fit Without Letting Physical Limitations Stop You


For most of us, staying healthy and being in shape is seen as too much of a challenge. The truth with all the fitness programs and eating plans is that being fitter and healthier involves eating more sensibly and moving more. How well we eat and stick to the diet plan, and the degree of activity we do determines how much fitter and slimmer we’ll become.

With anyone who has a physical limitation that they were born with, developed over time or suffered due to medical negligence, it’s easy to get disheartened and believe that there’s little can be done about health, but this usually is not the case. Let’s look at the situation a little deeper.

Work with What You’ve Got

For optimal health, it not necessary to be able to move every muscle group or all parts of our body. That’s a common misconception. Therefore, when we are physically unable to use all of our body, we work with what we’ve got. The same is true of accident victims who have to learn to manage with one arm or one leg until they heal; just giving up doesn’t help the situation at all.

There are single-leg workouts designed to use just one leg at a time. Exercise routines can be designed around a limitation or a disability to improve overall cardiovascular fitness and fuel motivation to succeed too.

Exercising with Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy is a form of paralysis caused during childbirth where nerves in one of the arms are severely damaged partially or completely, preventing the future use of the affected arm. Sometimes, the arm heals itself over time or an operation in the first few months of a baby’s life may also resolve the issue, but failing that, many people live with the inability to use one of their arm’s successfully, which can be extremely frustrating.

In terms of exercise, there are often other parts of the body that are unaffected by the nerve damage. Wherever possible, exercises using able-bodied parts of the body allow for one-armed rowing, walking, running, weightlifting, and other activities that can be performed using one arm. When special equipment is needed and it’s believed that a healthcare facility was responsible for the arm damage, specialist Erbs Palsy Lawyers may be able to pursue a compensation claim.

Eating Better

It’s always possible to eat better, whether you’re a great cook or a lousy one. Most people with disabilities can produce some type of meal for themselves, even if they’re buying a Weight Watchers pre-prepared meal to keep within their calorie limit. Most of us know what is a healthy meal and what is not. When it’s deep fried, it’s not going to be good. When it’s directly from the ground, once washed and ready to consume, it’s likely to be a healthier choice. Beyond that, there are numerous healthy websites that provide advice on how to prepare nutritious meals to watch the calories too.

Being fitter and healthier when having some physical limitations is completely possible. You have to work with what you can do and not feel constrained. Doing something, whether eating healthier meals or moving your body more, is always going to be better than being sedentary unless you’re under doctor’s orders to stay in bed.