Stone Yard Inc.— Artfully Inspired

Mitch Brean

From sleek, modern lines to antiquities-inspired planters, tables, mantels and chairs, home furnishings have never looked so good. San Diego master designer Mitch Brean has been creating artful pieces for homes, hotels, spas, patios and gardens for 30 years, pieces that reflect artistic sensibilities.

Drawn to the designs of Greek, Roman, French and Italian countryside motifs, Brean began traveling as a young man, ultimately creating similar planters and stone crafted items with the same timeless look using modern materials. Equal parts inventor, engineer and artist, he developed a malleable mixture of glass fibers and concrete that mimics the look of stone but at a fraction of the weight. Why is this important? This ancient yet robust look can be recreated to reflect enduring beauty that not only lasts longer without crumbling or cracking but also can be customized by size, color and texture.Stone Yard Inc

By crafting items that appear to have been unearthed from an archeological dig, Brean’s designs ensure the client can achieve the artistic look they strive for. Remarkably, with the look of stone’s heft, local artisans handcraft each piece to create the look of a rugged pot, table and base, even mantels of bygone eras. What’s more, because of their glass-reinforced concrete materials, they lend themselves to easier placement as they are lighter in weight.

But these are facts. While critical to the individual home or commercial buyer, it is the exquisite design that provides an arresting element. From urn planters to French woven baskets, from columns so realistic they evoke days from Greece, Rome and Europe. With Stone Yard’s ability through Brean’s inventiveness and artistic muscle, the company stands apart from the average planter and home furnishing designer and manufacturer.


The Shape and Texture Becomes You

stone yard incNot to be typecast in antiquities only, however, Brean teamed up recently with designer Amy Meier to create accent pieces with a modern twist. “I like things that are eclectic; to mix antiquities with the contemporary,” says Brean. Originally inspired by plaster models at a French flea market, Meier felt drawn to enhance uniquely shaped accent pieces with Brean’s unique textures and colors. The result?  The Amy Meier Collection. Together the duo synergistically created sculptural shapes with a textural twist. By incorporating surfaces that tease the tactile impulse, Brean added an aged and distressed gesso finish fusing motifs of old and new. Ultimately, Meier’s geometric shapes bring the art gallery into one’s home with the look of both modern and ancient discernment.


Fire and Light

Forever stretching the imagaination, Stone Yard’s Fire tables and bowls light up the night while inspiring ongoing beauty by day. Each fire table and bowl is a display piece in its in right without even being lit. Comprised of five designs, the collection’s signature piece is the Boulder Fire Table, complete with a smooth surface on one end while the other contains an embedded fire bowl for an elegant look. It’s base is rugged, craggy, rock-inspired. In contrast, the Primitive Low Bowl and Zamora Fire Bowl both display a sedate design, almost shy, but are anything but with their uniquely designed sides. The Zamora has a bold grid pattern, at home in a Scandinavian or urban modern environment, while the Primitive Low Bowl has the look of the rustic and rugged. Both bowls can be customized to size, with fuel options of natural gas or propane, and fire glass or tumbled lava stones to choose from.Zamora

Rounding out the collection are the Gobi Fire Bowl and the Zaragoza Fire Table. The Gobi has a rough surface just begging to be touched. Suspended on feet, it claims a tribal look and is customizable as to size, color and fuel medium. It comes with a remote control ignition system. The Zaragoza Fire Table is rectangular and low, with an eclectic combination of its contemporary shape that reveals long strips where fire extrudes, incorporating the carved geometric contrast of horizontal and perpendicular etchings on its sides. It also comes with a remote ignition system.


Sygloss Finish for Contemporary Planters

For those with the modern in mind, Brean has created several contemporary designs. Also made with fiber glass reinforcement, the Cuarzo, Bijou urn, the Siro and Dodeca planters are lightweight, angled, hip and sleek with their proprietary Syglos finish. Fully customizable, Brean developed new color schemes this year to reflect the California topographical and marine shades of nature. Warm and inviting, colors include Desert Sand, Palm Leaf, Shoreline Blue and Pacific Blue.

stone yard incIn the end, Mitch Brean continually innovates at Stone Yard, providing customizable planters, indoor outdoor tables and chairs, sculptural pieces and accents for the discerning homeowner and upscale commercial property designer. For a full line of nature-inspired antiquity and contemporary designs, visit the full collections at