Stop back pain before it becomes severe

Living with back pain is a very common thing, as around 80% of people suffer from backache sometimes in their life. Identification of the cause of back pain will be done on the basis of its symptoms. If you are getting pain while walking or standing then it is probably because of muscle fatigue. Prolonged standing or walking leads to muscle strain which leads to aches. Patients usually get rid of this pain by sitting or lying down on a comfortable bed. Overweight people have more chances of muscle fatigue.

Treatment of back pain

You can overcome this pain through rest, taking over-the-counter painkillers, massage, gentle exercise or by taking adequate rest. Here for taking rest, you must ensure that you are lying down on an appropriate bed like queen size bed. Do you know what are the dimensions of a queen size bed in feet? Well, it is 6 feet and 8 inches. Such a huge bed can give proper support to your back and you can rest on it for getting relief. Below are some of the tips that you can try to stop the pain. But obviously in case of any severe pain contact doctor without any delay.

Move muscles through gentle exercise

It is hard to get up and prepare your body for exercise during back pain. But you can try a gentle walk, do some yoga or water exercise. Exercise can help in reducing muscular stress and can release endorphins. These are natural pain killers present in the body. You can make exercise like strength training and stretching, a daily routine for keeping your muscles strong and flexible.

Make use of heat and cold

Research has revealed that the application of heat and cold on the affected area can give some relief from pain. Wrap the ice pack in a towel and directly apply it on your back to reduce inflammation. Cold can cater numbing effect to intense pain. You can use ice packs designed especially for back pain, or u can simply take ice from your refrigerator, wrap it in a cloth and apply it.

Apart from ice packs, you can also try a heating pad. As heat can also cure stiff muscles. You should read the instructions written on the heating pad to ensure that it is not too hot.

You can also use a pillow to reduce pain. Just search on the internet regarding the best pillow for side sleepers with back pain and you will get some tips.

Apply pain removal cream

There is a wide array of pain removal creams available at pharmacies which can give you relief to some extent. Some creams contain capsaicin, this is a compound mostly found in black pepper. Such creams can also reduce pain.

Pain removal creams that comprise of methol are known for cooling effect which can temporarily relieve the pain. One research says that methol application on the pain area can desensitize pain receptors for instant relief. However, it is advised not to depend on these creams too much.

Try area rugs

Well! You may be surprised what area rug has to do with back pain. Actually, sometimes lying down on a hard floor can give good relief to your back. And thus lying down on contemporary area rugs 9*12 will give your back a soft touch with a hard surface.

Bottom Line

So, if you are fed up of your prolonged back pain and want to get some relief from it then try the above mentioned ideas. But yes, in case of any severity consult your family doctor. These home remedies can only give you temporary relief.