Stunning Ways To Design Your Living Room


The living space is the one we use the most within our residence. It is the place where the family members assemble along with their friends for relaxation, amusement, playing games, and so on. Well-designed living space is one which works perfectly for you as well as your near and dear ones. This room should be multi-functional and it should likewise show off your personality as well as social status. Below, we have mentioned some surefire guidelines on how to design your living room in the best possible way.


1. Make the room bright and well ventilated

It would be possible to enhance the appeal of your living room by selecting the appropriate color. You need to select the proper shade; otherwise, it will appear to be uninviting and dull. It is important to consider whether the room is properly ventilated or not. In case you use a colorful wall covering, it will be possible to make a room appear bright; on the contrary, in case you go for a rather dull shade, a dark room will appear even gloomier. When selecting the color for the room, it is important to comprehend that you as well as your loved ones would be spending the major part of the time in the living room unlike the other rooms in your residence. Also, there should be a few outlets in the room which will allow the sunlight and outside air to enter inside thus making it well ventilated throughout the day.

2. Color palettes


While considering the wall coloring, it is also important to take into consideration the furniture, flooring, and accessories. It is imperative to go for a color palette which will enable your room to appear coordinated. Generally speaking, it will be advisable to opt for subtle and light shades for your living space. In fact, colors like light yellow, brown, green, and blue will be the ideal options. Different shades will have different effects and it will depend on your preference as to which shade you would like to go for.


Red can be considered to be a fabulous color which will provide your room with a beautiful appearance. Green will have an unwinding effect on your disposition and overall mood. Neutral décor is ideal for a living room where you like to provide a classic look. Chestnut peaches and lavender grays are two shades perfect for this type of appearance.




3. Furniture

Prior to planning how to design the living room, you ought to take into consideration the existing furniture. Eliminate any furniture which is either damaged or broken and clear out any stuff which is obsolete and you don’t like to use anymore. In case the furniture appears to be too small or too big in your living room, it is time to remove them or use them in any other room within your residence. Once you have eliminated any furniture that doesn’t fit in the living space, it is time for you to decide which furniture pieces you would like to purchase. Start with the biggest items, for example, the amusement center, the sofa, and a large carpet for the floor given that they will cover the major part of the room. These items must be the focal points in the living room and they ought to be appealing and attractive as well. Once you have decided which large items you would like to purchase, it is time for you to think of adding some smaller items for breaking up the space.


It is essential to design the flooring in your living room in such a way it reflects your personality and taste. Always make sure that the floor is resilient and long-lasting since all of you will walk on the floor frequently during the day. Hard floor like marble, tile, and wood are fantastic choices since these are very simple to clean as well as maintain. The flooring should provide a warm atmosphere and feeling, and for this, laminate flooring will be the best solution.

5. Accessories

Another essential aspect you ought to consider when it comes to living room design will be the accessories that you would like to place in the room. In fact, it will be possible to maintain a captivating appearance in your living room by selecting the proper accessories. Make it a point to stay away from anything that appears to be rather heavy or oversized; instead, go for attractive objects and also lightweight wall hangings which will enhance the room’s beauty significantly.



6. Curtains

Select designer blinds for making the windows the focal point of your living room. Otherwise, opt for attractive top-quality curtains which will complement or match the decoration of the room. For this, it would be a sensible idea to go for cotton, silk or satin materials.


7. Illumination

Aesthetic lighting will help to increase the value and the elegance of your living room. Try to go for fitting lights into a fake ceiling which will provide ambient lighting to the living space. On the other hand, scattering decorating lamps all around the room will likewise be a sensible way to enhance its appearance. In case you’d like to go for an additional decorative touch, you can go for small lamps and candles in the key areas which will help to provide a subtle effect.

8. Select your personal style

Prior to picking out any new piece of furniture or before making any modification to the decoration, it will be prudent to take into consideration all the available options and make a decision regarding what appearance you would like to go for. In fact, you’ll find inspiration on the Internet and also while browsing any décor magazine you will find that the stores. There are many online sites on the web which will provide you with innovative ideas for interior decoration.


It is up to you how you would like to design your living room, and in case you stick to all the above-mentioned guidelines you will not find it difficult to get the job done effectively. Consider essential factors like exposure to sunlight and selecting the proper furnishings and accessories which will help to complement the decor. Try to combine innovative ideas that might appear to your mind and experiment with them till you find the one that goes well with your living room. Try to adopt a blend of colors which will provide a different texture altogether. In a nutshell, it is important to ensure that your living room is a welcoming and attractive space where your guests and visitors will feel at home.