Stylish Ways to Enhance Your Bedroom this 2019


Just because the bedroom is a deeply personal space where guests don’t always visit, it doesn’t mean that now it should not be stylish and interesting. Being one of the places where you spend most of your hours, it only makes sense putting some effort and time into making it more comfortable and inviting to be in. Thankfully, there are tons of master bedroom ideas that you can use to make it a sanctuary from the outside world. With just a few simple tricks, you can easily remodel your bedroom without breaking the bank.


If you are tired of seeing the same four walls and yearning for something a little bit different, here are stylish ways to enhance your bedroom this 2019.

Wall decor

Art is one of the things that make a room to look more appealing and the bedroom should be no exception. You can start by adding a painting over your bed to create an excellent focal point. For the walls, you can use light and crisp colors like whites, light blues, off-whites, greens, and muted tones to make this room feel light and a little more spacious. Also, the addition of accent walls can to some extent add an extra dimension to your bedroom room. If you don’t like painting your walls, create an accent wall using just wallpapers that have images or patterns and paint the rest of your bedroom walls using a complementing colour.


While lighting is often overlooked in the bedroom, it is very important when it comes to creating that warm and intimate feel inside it. Even though you don’t spend most of your time in this room awake, you will often require some good light to read and even get yourself ready for the day ahead. This is why you should consider installing some smart wall lights around your bed. Likewise, you can have another ceiling light fitted just above your dedicated mirrored dressing area. Also, we recommend playing around with the natural light as well to help create a warm environment at night.


One of the best ways to make your bedroom a dream place is by focusing on the bed. The easiest and simplest way to do this is by adding a prominent headboard. In fact, a headboard is one of the few things that will really stand out in your overall bedroom décor. Currently, upholstered headboards are the most preferred by people and there are several DIY projects online that you can use to come up with your own. Just make sure that you use something big enough to lean against when relaxing or reading before bed.


Wood furniture

The best ways to achieve a modern look in your bedroom is by wooden furniture in it. Being in a room that guests don’t see, the furniture in the bedroom often ends up mismatched. To prevent this, you can replace the furniture which has been accumulated with some matching sets. To make the space live, you can begin by adding a vintage wooden dresser. Apart from acting as a focal point, it will also act as storage. You can then pair it with some wooden side tables on both sides of the bed.

New bedding

Lastly, getting yourself a new bedding can help you achieve a whole new look in your bedroom. They can transform your room from a modern one with a classic one or even primarily to pastel one. Therefore, if you don't have a duvet or comforter, you can start by getting yourself one. Also, if you have noticed, all luxury hotel rooms tend to all share one feature which is a perfectly made bed. If you are looking to take your bed a step further, you can get yourself the best hybrid mattresses and invest in some new sheets. Since canopy beds have never failed to make a statement when it comes to bedroom interior design, you can consider getting yourself one this year. Whether you buy one that is traditionally styled or a modern one, it will be sure to make a dramatic impact in your overall bedroom appearance.


You don’t need to spend lots of cash in order for you to redecorate your bedroom and make it look more stylish. As you can see above, there are plenty of bedroom decorating ideas that you can use to create that bedroom of your dreams. Whether it is your master bedroom or your young one’s, the possibilities are endless. By using these few expert tips, you will be able to upgrade your bedroom to a modern one cost effective or even free!