Swati Padmaraj of Atiz: Chemist Turns Fashion Designer

Swati Padmaraj of Atiz

Seattle is by no means a fashion mecca as are Paris, London, and New York, but, nonetheless it’s a city filled with wild dreams, endless opportunities, and a tremendous amount of talent. Well versed in molecular formations and theoretical science, the Northwest-based inorganic chemist Swati Padmaraj channels her previous career knowledge seamlessly into her current fashion-oriented work. After living in the rainy city for thirty-years, Ms. Padmaraj believes that Seattle’s creative community helped to catalyze her dreams of creating and designing her own womens wear collection: Àtiz.            

Originally from India—a country renowned for its vibrant culture—Padmaraj experienced a multitude of shades and hues first-hand since the beginning of her childhood years. Raised in an artistic household, color was ubiquitous; and, with a style-minded mother, it’s of no surprise to find the same inclination in her daughter. At the tender age of sixteen years old, Padmaraj crafted her first-ever design: a dolman top using a bias-cut technique. A design that she’ll undoubtedly never forget. 

Atiz India Inspired FashionThe Àtiz brand is an infusion of Eastern culture and Western traditions that caters to venturesome, cosmopolitan women. Ms. Padmaraj’s line, in essence, aims to enhance and transform one’s personality anew, and, more importantly, inspire ever-new forms of discovery through the film of East-West style. Padmaraj was adamant about creating a brand that offered a smooth transition from day to evening wear, with a multitude of distinct garments: “I have lots of statement pieces like jackets, trench gowns, and jumpsuits, as well as dresses that are perfect for every occasion.”

Armed with a Masters in Inorganic Chemistry & Marketing and a Bachelors in Fashion, Ms. Padmaraj combined both her knowledge of science and deeply-rooted affinity for fashion in order to showcase her design talent. Chemistry, in essence, offers an endless array of possibilities for manipulating synthetic fibers; Padmaraj, understanding this principle, personally curates custom brand dyes and pigments, delivering beautifully colored threads that augment the designs. Not only has each one of her degrees played a part in maneuvering the fashion business, but more uniquely allowed the designer to instill science into art—the relatively static into the perpetually evolving.

The Many Fashions of Atiz

For Padmaraj, to wear Àtiz is to be a votary of inspiration, education, and sophistication. It whispers, and, at times, screams: the magic of inspiration and transformation sustains the creative energy at Àtiz, and it is this energy that gives you a voice, a mode of expressing yourself in forever new and imaginative ways.

To purchase any past Àtiz looks and view upcoming looks, visit http://atizfashionhouse.com/