Switching Sheets for a Good Night Sleep

Switching-Sheets-for-a-Good-Night-SleepGetting not only enough hours of sleep but also good quality sleep is very important. Right now, the trend is that bamboo sheets are giving more quality on your sleeping habits than other kinds of a sheet.

While having good sheets are equally as important to contribute to a sound sleep, let us discuss first why it is essential that one must have a good restful sleep.

  1. Poor sleeping habits can lead to weight gain

If you are always having poor periods of sleep, the tendency is that you are at risk of gaining more weight. Lack of sleep has always been strongly associated with weight gain and this is mainly due to hormonal imbalances and the lack of motivation to exercise. So, if you are trying to lose weight, then you better start by having a night of quality sleep.

  1. You tend to consume fewer calories if you had a good night sleep

It has been studied that people who are sleep-deprived tend to have a larger appetite thus ending up eating a lot more calories than what our body requires. Because the body is sleep-deprived, the tendency is that the daily fluctuations in appetite hormones are disrupted which is one cause of poor appetite regulation. This includes an increased level of ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for stimulation of appetite, and a lower level of leptin which is the hormone that overpowers appetite.


  1. Good sleep improves concentration and productivity.

Good sleep has been an essential contributor to various brain functions like cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. All of these aspects are negated because of sleep-deprivation. It has also been found out that short sleep can have a negative impact on some aspects of brain function that is somewhat similar to as alcohol intoxication. Good sleep, on the other hand, has been proven to improve problem-solving skills and improve memory performance of both children and adults.

  1. Good periods of sleep helps in maximizing athletic performance

If you had enough sleep, chances are you will an improved speed, accuracy, reaction times and mental wellbeing. For elderly women, it was shown that lack of sleep has caused poor exercise performance and functional limitations

  1. There is a higher risk of heart disease and stroke

The quality and duration of the sleep can have a major effect on one’s health, and one of which is believed to drive chronic diseases like heart disease.

Studies have shown that people who are sleeping for less than 7 to 8 hours per night have a far greater risk of suffering from heart disease.


These items mentioned are just some of the possible effects should a person continually go on with less sleep than he or she should actually have. And by achieving such quality of sleep, it is important that you sleep on optimum material there is – the bamboo sheets. These materials are breathable, lightweight, and are silky-soft to sleep on. If you are curious how a bamboo becomes a fabric, these fabric are known as bamboo linen and it starts with the crushing of the stalks and these stalks are then being broken down by natural enzymes. Once the enzyme resembles a pulpy substance, the natural fibers are the mechanically combed out and are spun into yarns which are then woven into different textiles. This is of a similar process to that of flax and to hemp-based fabrics.

If you are eyeing on shift to bamboo sheets from the current sheets that you are using, this bamboo-based fabrics mostly resembles the texture of that similar to silk. The plant’s natural properties make it a very breathable fabric in with it dries 50% faster than against other kinds of cotton. These attributes are one of the reasons why bamboo sheets are more resistant when it comes to odor absorption and thermo-regulation. Many of these bamboo-based fabrics also do not use formaldehyde-based chemicals which can be of help to keep the sheet wrinkle-free, so you must have your iron handy or you may just simply embrace the sheet’s wrinkles.

It should also be known that not all of the bamboo-based fabrics are the same. In fact, one of the commonly seen bamboo-based fabric known as “bamboo rayon” is a man-made bamboo fiber which uses regenerated cellulose from the bamboo plant. The processing of the fibers requires strong chemical which can remove most of the plant’s natural benefits and sustainable qualities. So when a bamboo eventually becomes a bamboo rayon, chances are there is no longer a sign of the original bamboo plant in the final product.

On one hand, there is a greener alternative and that is the bamboo lyocell or is commonly branded as tencel. This still involves a similar cellulose process sans all the toxic solvents being used. This lyocell process is also known as “closed-loop” which means that it strives to produce minimal waste and emissions while intentionally conserving water.

In case you are wondering which between a bamboo-based fabric as against cotton is better, then you must know that these bamboo-based fabrics often have the feel with that of a higher thread count while just using a fraction of such fabric. So when a bamboo-based fabric that has a 320 thread count, it could pass for a cotton equivalent that has a 500 thread count.

So, in an environmental perspective, unless if you are using a 100% organic cotton, it should be noted that most of the conventional cotton items – that is from clothing to pillowcases – these require an enormous amount of water to harvest eventually produce. Bamboo, on the other hand, uses only for an average of 12 gallons of water per pound of the fabric, as against cotton which practically requires 200 times more, this is partly because it is very sensitive to drought.

Thus, if you are already planning to make the switch to using bamboo sheets, make sure to purchase such which uses the lyocell process which is made from FSC-certified organic bamboo to ensure that your sheets have no harmful substances ending up in the final product. This final product is best for people who have sensitive skins or any person who tend to overheat in their sleep – ultimately giving you dreamiest sleep you have ever had.