TV Mirror to Make You Enjoy Brilliant Images

Technological advancement has changed the way things are done and this includes even simple things such as watching TV. Unfavorable lighting conditions in a room might make it difficult for one to enjoy watching their favorite shows. TV mirror is designed to help a person enjoy clarity regardless of the lighting conditions in a room. At the same time, there is a beautiful reflection in a room when the TV is switched off.

A flawless picture quality is achieved by means of a slick technology which utilizes a semi-transparent mirror coating. A TV mirror is manufactured on a clear glass so a user does not have to worry about tint color interferences as he is watching the TV. This technology can also be mounted on a bathroom, making it possible for one to multitask; watch their favorite shows as they work on other household activities.

This technology is unique because it allows for 99% of the light to be transmitted from the TV screen through the mirror. This is why it is possible for one to enjoy brilliant images. The screen has a reduced glare effect and this is a practical feature especially when it comes to watching TV screens during late hours.

TV Mirror Technology

A modern technology that uses dielectric glass to produce clear texts and graphics while keeping the TV hidden on the background is the concept used in a TV Mirror. The installation process requires:

  • A thin TV
  • The mirror
  • Frame molding

TV mirrors can be used for various applications in the house and can, therefore, be used as an entertainment feature even in the bathroom. TV mirror can be used both when the TV is switched off and when it is turned on. When the TV is off, it serves as backing to the mirror, when it is on, the mirror reflects a clear image and a person can then enjoy brilliant images through his TVs’ HD image.

Factors to Consider When Making a Purchase

This innovative tool provides one with endless entertainment options. An individual is able to enjoy a world of wonder in their living rooms just with the touch of a button. These types of TV were initially designed to be used in luxurious hotels and spas. However, modern society now appreciates these technological tools and that is why they are now sold to the general public.

There are numerous manufacturers of these TVs who promise to offer clients with the best deal and thus it sometimes can be confusing when it comes to purchasing mirror TVs. One of the main things one would want to look for is integrated features such as tamper-proof mirror, touch screen facility and digital tuners. If a customer wants the TV to be mounted on his bathroom, ensure the glass is fog- free to guarantee a clear view even on a misty environment.

Some of the important features include:

  • Quality: this is one thing that you do not want to compromise on. Do your own research on all the models available in the market so you know which the best mirror to buy is. Always go for a trusted brand. It would also be advisable for a person to ensure there is an ideal space in the room where he wants to mount the TV for optimum use.
  • Size: it is good for a person to choose a TV that is of a proportional size to the room. The mirror and the TV might take a considerable space so this is something one would take into consideration.
  • Color: it would be better if the color suits the décor of the room. A kitchen cabinet would look good with a classic black color mirror TV. A silver mirror TV would look beautiful if it is mounted on a bathroom. Some people would want to mount their TV in their bedrooms and such an option would work best with a pearl white TV mirror.
  • The cost:  many factors will determine the cost of the TVs mirror and the main factor is the size of the mirror. The cost ranges $2000 to $10,000. High-tech TV mirrors such as the waterproof ones will cost more than the regular ones. Additionally, luxury features add value and will, therefore, cost more.

Benefits of Having a Mirror TV

The main difference between a mirror TV and the plasma TVs on the market is visible in its weight and appearance. A mirror TV has a slim width and is lighter in weight compared to the LCD and plasma TVs. Thus, a person has a better viewing experience. It can be easily mounted on walls and works even in damp surroundings.

This gadget offers a unique HD experience to a user so that he will always be glued to the screen. It can be fitted as a bedside dresser or hung above the fireplace. Thus, it is worth the price as it adds to the visual appeal of a home.

An Easy Installation Process

Before the mounting process begins, a user will have to specify first the kind of style he prefers, be it flat, swing arms or tilt. The mounting method should suit the preference of the user. He should also need to specify the model of the TV in order for a custom solution to be made.

Some people may want to use an art cover to enhance an aesthetic appeal. This may be in form of canvas painting that is designed to hide the TV when it is switched off. As soon as the TVs is switched on, the cover art will automatically rise into the top frame and reveal the TV.

These TVs are ideal for both residential and professional use. These gadgets are safe to use because they are manufactured by means of an environmental friendly process. A user has total control over what he can share and it is an ideal option for conference meetings.