Taste of France on East Village

Introducing Café Chloe’s Crêperie ‘Minou’



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Delicious crêpes are flipped and thrown in the air all across Europe, but the recipe for this thin, fluffy delicacy originally comes from the crème de la crème of desserts and pastries - France. After fourteen years of successful business with Café Chloe, the owners Alison McGarth and Jon Clute decided to extend their beloved brand and brought a bit more of French to the East Village. The name of the crêperie comes from the French word “minou”, in translation meaning “kitty”, and the East Village had a warm “Hello” for the new “kitty” in town at the end of October 2017 when it opened.

“We wanted to have Chloe’s little pet in the neighborhood, so we thought a cat would be a good idea and we decided to go with a kitty name”, the owner Alison explained. When you look around Minou’s decorations and pictures knowing what’s behind the name, you can connect the dots since there are a couple of pictures where cats can be noticed, but for someone who doesn’t know, the kittens can seem almost hidden. Alison says that was what the idea was - to set everything up with simplicity - cute and cozy.

If you’ve ever been in France, or saw pictures of friends who went, at the very first look at Minou’s exterior you’ll notice that it looks exactly like the authentic bakery/crêperie you can find anywhere in France. The look of this new bistro on the 8th Avenue was not accidental, the entire ambient of this patisserie and crêperie is filled with French art, antiquities, and that feeling of being in Paris or Strasbourg. C:\Users\Zrinka\Desktop\IMG_0388.JPG

All the crêpes on the Minou’s menu are gluten-free and they are coming dressed in many sweet and savory flavors from rose syrup and whipped goat cheese to short rib and ratatouille. Other items on the menu worth mentioning are the very popular onion soup which originates from Paris, France, and other French favorites like quiches, almond croissants, and coconut macaroon. “We want the menu to stay small, there will be some changes occasionally, but we will switch some items on the menu with the other, without necessarily expanding the menu”, added Alison.

Even though the Minou menu doesn’t have the selection of hundreds of items or crêpe fillings, you’ll want to plan some return trips to this charming place and try something different every time. For first timers trying any crêpe should give you a taste and a smell of France to remember. If you’d like to just stop by for some latte and a breakfast bite your to-go order can be taken from a walk-up window, and if you’re craving some French specialties and a glass of cider, you’re welcome to dine in and indulge the full experience.

Intimate space of this crêperie gives a feel of hanging out in someone’s living room, but it provides

C:\Users\Zrinka\Desktop\IMG_0382.JPGan atmosphere cozy enough to hold a baby shower or a small party which the owner confirmed they have had a lot of throughout the holiday season. 

Bring yourself here on your day off and start your day with the morning joggers and San Diego dog walkers. Add some crêpes to your life and you’ll see how sweet it can get!