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Take a look at residential landscape design and recognize the up-and-coming trends perfect for your yard. It's 2016 and the trends taking San Diego by storm certainly reflect that. Professional landscape architects and home designers have revealed the top trends to look out for.

Sustainable Gardens  

The most beloved current trend is sustainable design and eco-friendly gardening. Native plants, organic gardening, and low-maintenance landscape designs in gardening are increasingly popular. Furthermore, the organic look provided by succulents like agave, edible green crops, and fruit trees in the yard or patio are definitely admired. Sustainability is a trend and hot topic because edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs are exciting to grow as a hobby as well as to share among friends, family, and neighbors. Gardens will always be a prominent part of landscape design, but as the environment is often changing, low-maintenance garden shrubs and drought-friendly plants have been the dominant trend recently. 

Outdoor Decorations

Exterior decorating with string lights is a modern trend, but it has a vintage look and feel. Many people buy these lights for the purpose of hosting a party and end up leaving them strung up throughout the year to admire on those warm summer nights. Outdoor lights such as these make spaces look festive! 

Outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens near the fireplace or BBQ grill are an up and rising trend requested of most San Diego landscapers. Outdoor TVs are also popular, as they create a homey feel in fresh air. Because who doesn’t love entertainment under the stars on a summer night?

Stone Seating

Stone Seats and Outdoor Furniture 

Stone seating is ideal for hosting because it offers plenty of seating space around a fire pit, Jacuzzi, or even a simple coffee table. It is rare to see a landscape design that lacks a fire space, and landscape architects often compliment one with a stone structural seating design. 

There are plenty of options these days when it comes to outdoor fabrics for chair cushions, couches, and rugs. Comfortable furniture outside near your fireplace, pool, or barbecue looks pleasing to the eye because it has an inviting feel. It is important to have plenty of seating options for guests when you invite people into your home, patio, or yard.

Water Features

It is important to dedicate adequate space for entertainment in your landscape design! Whether you have a vast pool, cozy Jacuzzi, or quaint water fountain, you will agree that water and backyards go hand in hand. There are plenty of ways to entertain with a water oasis. Water features so beautifully awaken any landscape and promote a soothing and serene lifestyle. Planning storage or a shed space is wise to house sporting supplies and pool floaties, which are a definite trend. Pool floaties, tree swings, and hammocks are current trends. When thinking about kid-friendly activities for summer soirees trampolines, volleyball nets, and basketball hoops are also great entertaining additions to a yard. 

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