The 6 Steps to Healthy, Happy Aging

Photography By Silviarita


Growing older can result in both positive and negative changes to your health and lifestyle. For example, it is common for elders to experience many physical changes to their eyes, bones, and brain.

Rather than fearing for your future, focus on preparing for a comfortable retirement age. The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable your older years will be. Read the following six steps to healthy, happy aging.

  1. Remain Physically Active

An active body can also equal an active mind. If you want to maintain good cognitive function, great flexibility, and healthy muscles, you should embark on regular exercise.

There are numerous workouts that are ideal for seniors to try, such as walking, yoga, or water aerobics.

  1. Enjoy a Balanced Diet

Every senior should aim to maintain a balanced diet, which can improve their health and energy levels. It is, therefore, an effective way to prevent illness and maintain youth.

Ideally, your diet should be comprised of:

  • Low saturated fat

  • Wholegrains

  • Oily Fish

  • Plenty of fruit & vegetables

  • Low-fat dairy (in moderation)

  • Lean Meat

It is also important to drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration, which could otherwise make you feel tired or confused.

  1. Understand Your Care Options

The thought of one day losing your independence might fill you with dread. That is why you must gain an understanding of your care options to ensure you enjoy a happy, comfortable retirement.

While there are many superb assisted living facilities available, it is possible for elderly seniors to remain in the comfort of their home, as they can receive help with laundry, meal preparation, and light chores. Learn more about non-medical elderly in home care with

  1. Regularly Visit a Doctor for Health Checks

Protect your health by regularly visiting your doctor for routine tests, such as blood pressure and cholesterol level checks.

A high reading could increase the likelihood of heart disease or a stroke, which could be reversible with medication and lifestyle changes.

  1. Boost Your Vitamin D Intake

Research has found that approximately one billion people worldwide are living with a vitamin D deficiency, which has been linked to bone problems, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive impairment.

Keep your body both healthy and happy by enjoying at least 15 to 20 minutes of sunshine each day, which will provide your body with a big boost of vitamin D.

You can also increase your consumption by adding more eggs and oily fish into your diet or by taking a supplement.

  1. Develop a Sleeping Pattern

Sadly, many seniors have trouble falling or staying asleep as they age, which can make them feel tired, restless and grumpy.

If you want to avoid insomnia as you grow older and improve your quality of life, you should aim to establish a strict bedtime routine, which will require you to go to bed and wake at the same time every day.

It might also help to reduce daytime naps and to drink a glass of milk or a warm drink, such as chamomile tea.