The Bahamas’ Best Cafes

Every year thousands of people visit the Bahamas because they know how beautiful it is, that the homes for rent in the Bahamas are luxurious and you could have the vacation of a lifetime. While the Bahamas is home to some stunning beaches it’s also home to some great places to eat too. With a lot of different eateries in this part of the world, it can be hard to know where you should dine. This is where we can help you out a little, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the best cafés in the Bahamas.


Cafe Madeleine


Found at a Baha Mar Boulevard, Nassau, Cafe Madeleine is a very welcoming café that will tempt your taste buds the moment you walk through the door. Serving French and vegetarian dishes along with the usual café fare, this place is a must-visit thanks to the beautiful cakes and pastries it has on offer.


With its delightful wicker seating and charming atmosphere, you’ll know you’re somewhere special. Offering up tempting pastries, sandwiches and more, you can dine until your heart’s content. The brownies served at Cafe Madeleine are just divine, and the tiramisu is very rich but well worth a try.


Lovingly served and nicely displayed all of the dishes here are exquisite and although they are not cheap by any means you are sure to enjoy them. In addition to offering sandwiches and pastries, Cafe Madeleine also serves breakfast, crepes, quiches and other dishes that are prepared fresh to order.  Enjoy a meal washed down with a coffee or two and bask in the luxurious atmosphere, while you decide what you’re going to try the next time you come here.


Cruzin’ Cafe


Located at 7 Trehl Plaza, West Atlantic Drive, Freeport, Cruzin’ Cafe serves up some traditional Caribbean dishes along with Indian meals too.  With a relaxed atmosphere and that friendly café feel, this eatery is definitely worth a visit. The meals here are not what you would ordinarily expect from a café, but that’s not a bad thing. Offering up dishes such as oven roasted chicken, curry mutton, macaroni, or soup, you will leave this café feeling satisfied. With good sized portions, the meals are freshly cooked and the dishes are nicely presented either on a plate or in a plastic box if you wish to eat out.


While Cruzin’ Cafe is not one of the Bahamas’ better-known eateries it is well worth a visit. If you would like to enjoy a proper meal that has been made using local ingredients then this is the place to be.  Enjoy a good hearty meal so you have the energy to take a brisk around the island, or sample some soup that has been lovingly prepared. Whatever you decide to eat while you’re in Cruzin’ Cafe, chances are you’re going to enjoy it!


Le Petit Gourmet


Found at Shirley Street Plaza, Shirley Street, Nassau, Le Petit Gourmet offers up traditional café meals along with vegetarian dishes too. Colorfully decorated and with a good range of dishes on offer, you won’t be left feeling hungry. Enjoy a hot meal at lunchtime such as the red wine braised short ribs or tuck into a panini, a burger or some freshly prepared soup. While the menu at Le Petit Gourmet may not be as extensive as it is in some eateries, there is plenty to choose from and every dish will be made to perfection. With breakfast served until approximately 2 pm on weekdays, a good meal will set you up for the rest of the day.


The dishes at this café are beautifully presented, and although the café does close in the early afternoon a lot of people will recommend that you try at least a few of the dishes here as they are very tasty.


Athena Cafe and Bar


Located at Bay and Charlotte Street, Down Town, Nassau, Athena Cafe, and Bar serves Greek, European and Mediterranean dishes. With a relaxed atmosphere and a real holiday feel the café and bar serves up an impressive range of dishes. You can expect the menu to be filled with seafood, hummus, salads, sandwiches and beautifully cooked main dishes such as the chicken souvlaki and the blackened salmon.  


With a good range of desserts on offer as well as drinks and sides, the Athena bar and Cafe serves up some very nice dishes that are very well presented and of better quality than you may think. With a traditional café feel thanks to the blue and white tablecloths you will have the chance to enjoy many different dishes that have been expertly prepared. While the Athena Cafe and Bar has a relaxed atmosphere you get the impression that the team of staff goes to great lengths to ensure you enjoy every bite of your meal.


There are many wonderful places to eat in the Bahamas, but we think the above four cafés are some of the very best. Head on over to Cafe Madeleine for some tempting pastries and sandwiches or to Cruzin’ Cafe for a very tasty curry mutton. You may also want to think about visiting Le Petit Gourmet for some freshly prepared soup or a large breakfast. Finally, the Athena Cafe and Bar is the ideal destination if you would like to sample some Greek, European or Mediterranean dishes that add a touch of something special to your time in the Bahamas