The Best Diets to Lose that Stubborn Weight

Lose That Extra Fat with These Great Diets

Photo by The Paleo Diet

Summer is approaching quickly, which means many of us want to shed those extra winter pounds and begin a new diet to lose weight for that attainable dream bikini body. There are tons of great diets out there for weight loss, but which ones are the best? Here are a few diets for you to consider and everything you need to know about them! 

Raw Food Diet

Transitioning to a raw food diet has become a more popular way to eat healthy and help the environment. With raw food diets, you are only eating fresh and unrefined plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. Perhaps the easiest part about this diet is that it involves no cooking or steaming! You just consume these foods in their natural state. 

However, before you start a raw food diet, you should know a few things to avoid consuming too much fat or accidentally becoming malnourished. Avocados, nuts, and seeds contain good fats for your body, but even healthy fats should limited. Limiting yourself to just vegetables is not recommended because they do not carry enough calories. If you are trying to cut out carbohydrates, this diet probably is not for you. In order for this diet to be successful to your health, your calorie intake will need to come mostly from fruits, but along with those you will be eating a hefty amount of vegetables for high nutrients and minerals and small amounts of nuts and seeds. 

This diet is great to cleanse your body of toxins and adopt a vegan lifestyle. In the first 24-72 hours of the diet, you should begin to notice small differences in your body. Because you are not cooking your food, the raw food holds even more nutrients that are beneficial to you. However, the downside to this diet is the lifestyle change - if you aren't used to consuming only raw foods, the switch can seem sudden. It's best to ease into the raw food diet by eating one raw meal a day. 

Paleo Diet

If you're not ready to give up meat just yet, try out a Paleo diet! Adopting a Paleo diet, also known as a "Caveman" diet, requires giving up dairy, grain products, and processed foods. In return, Paleo diet followers eating grass-fed meat, fish, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit. You can also enjoy eggs, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils (like olive or coconut). This is a great diet to follow if you are trying to cut gluten out of your diet due to allergies, intolerance, or even preference (but Paleo is a more restrictive diet than a gluten-free one). 

This diet will help increase the amount of fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, omega-3 fatty acids, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and monounsaturated fat. In result, this improves your energy levels so you will feel better and more inclined to add a great workout schedule to your daily routine. However, you should watch out for some of the foods you intake on this diet. Since you are going to be eating meats, you should gravitate towards leaner meats.

Your Average Vegan Diet

It's amazing what cutting basic animal products out of your diet can do for your body! Becoming vegan means you are not only cutting out meats, fish, and poultry, but other products like eggs, dairy, and honey. Not only will this type of diet help your health, but it also helps the environment and the loving animals around us. The great thing about veganism is that it is not as restrictive as a raw foods diet. Your typical diet will usually consist of a variety of healthy fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 

A common misconception about veganism is you can eat whatever you want as long as it's vegan. For example, Oreo cookies are vegan, but it is not definitely not good to sit down and eat a whole sleeve of them in one sitting. When you decide to become vegan, you also have to accept the fact that you will be introducing more vegetables and fruits into your life. You have to make the decision to become healthy as well as adopting the vegan lifestyle. 

The Biggest Loser Diet

The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular shows about weight loss, known for its massive success in its contestants and rigorous routines. This six-week diet plans includes a healthy diet and regular exercise routines to help the weight fall off and prevent or decrease the risk for diseases.

The best part about this diet is you can essentially eat whatever you want because no food is off limits. The only thing you have to worry about is portion control and regular exercise. You can still partake in activities like eating out or bar-hopping with your friends, but always stay in control and make good choices. The downsides of The Biggest Loser diet are the expenses. It is true, buying healthy foods (especially if you are going organic as well) adds up more than your average shopping trip.