Best Places To Spend Christmas East Coast and Beyond

Best Places to Vacation

The Best Places To Spend Christmas: Spending Christmas In Cities That Love The Holidays Makes Winter Beautiful.

Every year one of us usually wishes for a white Christmas or in other words, a winter wonderland. Somewhere in each of us, we are wishing for snow on Christmas. It is what makes Christmas, Christmas, right? I know for my family and me, it does. A winter wonderland is what makes opening presents and celebrating worth it. Now, if you live a warm and sunny climate all year round, then somewhere beneath the “I do not like snow” part, you want to spend Christmas either skiing or in a winter wonderland.

Visit New York City

Growing up in New York, I saw many winter wonderlands. In fact, when we were visiting the city area quite a few years ago, we had a blizzard. It was beyond a winter wonderland, but the best because it was the day after Christmas. Besides that, the city area usually goes all out and even though it may not snow each year around Christmas, they decorate like it would snow. The BIG Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center goes up and the Rockefeller Center ice rink opens. Those are two of the most exciting places to explore during your time in NYC for Christmas. And do NOT forget to experience The Rockettes at Radio City. These are just three things to see and do, but I will guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!

Williamsburg, Virginia

It's a perfect Christmas getaway. As this is not a “winter wonderland”, all the decorations and festivities going on within the historical town will intrigue you. During this time of year, it may snow but I would not count on it; however, Christmas Town is right around the corner. Not exactly around the corner, but moments away from the historic town lies Busch Gardens. During the holidays, they go beyond and celebrate! For Christmas time, they decorate as if Christmas or the holidays were every day. Christmas Town is truly spectacular and one of the best things to do besides visiting the historic town during this season.

Vienna Austria

 If you are up to travel the world for Christmas, then do it. Vienna, Austria, is the place to be during this time of year. Just like Christmas town and Rockefeller Center, Vienna, transforms itself to a beautiful wonderland. The Austrians go very far with the decorating and such but it is not only decorating, it is the market as well. In Vienna, Austria, their Christmas markets are all over. About 150 wooden huts line up in front of the neo-Gothic City Hall to sell anything from lights to toys to bratwurst and wine, and if you ask me Vienna is the place I would like to spend Christmas at. It is not only the atmosphere but also what makes Christmas and rather a winter wonderland or not a winter wonderland spectacular.