The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Enjoy Some Delicious Vegan Cuisine in San Diego

Enjoy Some Delicious Vegan Cuisine in San Diego

Pleasure should be at the heart of eating, and that goes for vegetarians too. It can be hard going to a restaurant and finding their menu has only a couple of bland and unappetizing vegan options; it would be better to just stay home and cook a vegan meal yourself. Well have no fear, we have found some restaurants that have delicious vegan cuisine everyone will love.

The Veggie Grill is located in the Westfield Shopping Mall in UTC and offers a variety of vegan-style burgers, sandwiches, salads, faux meat and slides in a modern, counter-serving setting. They are a meat-free zone and use alternatives to meat. Their seasonal VG Beyond Burger is exceptionally delicious and won’t disappoint. Also, you can’t go wrong with their Koreatown Tacos and Chocolate Brownie. Their BTLA Sandwich is a standout with smokey tempeh bacon creating a delicious alternative to typical BLT. You should also try their Mondo Nachos; using a unique blend of veggie protein and caramelized onions, it's a great dish to share with the table. 

The Lotus Bar & Juice Cafe, located in Encinitas, is a small cafe that serves a variety of carefully sourced foods, including plenty of vegan/vegetarian choices. Try their Moonlight Pasta and Chicken Tacos. Vegans should order their Veggie Grill, made with fresh, grilled, seasonal veggies with a balsamic vinaigrette over organic brown rice. Also check out their Black Bean Enchilada and Stuffed Veggie Quesadilla. For dessert, they have vanilla ice cream and vanilla soy ice cream, which is a perfect way to end a great meal. 

Cafe Jay Vegetarian is also a great spot for vegan foodies. Located on 9450 Scranton Rd in San Diego, this counter service spot serves vegan and vegetarian Pan-Asian cuisines in a bare bones setting. Delicious choices that we recommend are the Spicy Noodle and Pad Thai. Chef’s Choices include Lemongrass Seitan, a delicious stir fry with a lemongrass sauce, and the Spicy Green Beans & Seitan, a crispy stir fry with a prik khing chili paste served with bell peppers and green beans. If you like good Thai food, this is a great place to visit.

Now, if you love Mexican food but want one with some good vegan options, visit Rancho Cocina. You can find this place on 30th Street downtown. They serve a variety of traditional eats, but they stand out for their vegan and vegetarian options. Try their vegan tacos, burritos and enchiladas. Their Blue Corn Enchiladas are unique and truly delicious. For dessert, try their vegan carrot cake, chocolate cake or cinnamon rolls. If you have vegetarian friends who make picking a restaurant difficult, this is a great place that has something for everyone.

True Foods, located in Fashion Valley, is also a great place for good vegan and vegetarian options and has something for everyone. Try their Smoked Turkey Wrap, Spaghetti Squash Casserole and Grass-fed Burgers and you will feel better about what you're eating and make your mouth happy in the process. Try their signature cocktails with your meal, like their Pomegranate Mule and Ginger Margarita.  Their pizzas are delicious and made with organic ingredients, so try the Margherita Pizza and House-made Chicken Sausage Pizza. Like their website says: It’s honest food that tastes really good. 

It really is difficult sometimes to find a place that serves good food that is also good for you. Try these and other places in San Diego that have something to offer everyone.

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