The Best Way to Illuminate Your Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom might not always get the attention it deserves in the DIY scheme of things, but when you do get around to your bathroom makeover, you want to make it look its best. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find that there are more options for bathroom lighting than you might think. You want it to be safe, but you also want to create the right feel; not too bright, and not too dark. It is a delicate balance, so here are some tips to help you. 

Lighting Controls

You may not have previously thought about it, but why not put the same lighting controls in your bathroom, which you would find in other rooms in the house? People are starting to spend more time in their bathrooms than ever before, with the room becoming a lot more than a place to wash. You want to relax, maybe read a book in the bath; some even spend hours in the morning applying their makeup routine. Many outlets can supply these types of fittings, such as e-conolight. They are also specially designed to resist water, which is essential. 

You could even fit a remote control so you can adjust the lighting from the bath, turning what was once a simple washroom, into a place for ultimate relaxation.

Where to Place the Lights?

To begin with, you will want a central light source to illuminate the whole room. It does not have to be big or particularly powerful, but it has to produce enough light so you can see the whole room. You might also want to have a light around the mirror area; these can be a couple of small lights or a larger fixing. However, you want to avoid any lighting shining straight down as this will look too harsh. 

Another aspect to avoid is too many ceiling lights, as there is a temptation to use multiple recessed lights; therefore, you should limit it as much as you can. Otherwise, it might feel too bright and clinical, and give too much reflection. 

What Type of Bulb to Use? 

Today, there is a huge choice of bulbs, from incandescent to LED. All of them are suitable for a bathroom, provided you are using the correct fittings. However, it might be a wise choice to use a LED type as they are energy efficient and can last for years. 

The incandescent types are versatile and can be dimmed, if that is what you want. Although, there are some dimmable LED lights on the market now that are starting to come down in price.  

Fixture Materials

You need to debate and consider the location you are setting the lights. A bathroom is frequently damp and humid, so it might not suit some types of fixing such as bronze or brass as this will corrode them quickly. Stainless steel or chrome are good choices as they do not tarnish and can be easily cleaned. 

With these tips, you will be able to have the bathroom you always wanted and the perfect atmosphere to relax. 

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