The Bridal Emergency Box

Bridal Beauty Must-Haves

BrightWhite Smile

It happens to every bride. It’s the day of your wedding, the long aisle looms before you, and something goes wrong. Carefully pinned hair falls, eyelashes aren’t as full, lipstick is fading away––your bridal beauty dreams are quietly dashed as your pristine look grows duller by the minute. Many brides will often overlook hair and makeup mishaps and take it as an “oh-well” moment. But there’s no need to accept mediocre makeup on your wedding day. Instead, entrust your maid of honor with a Bridal Emergency Box brimming with the best beauty products around for any last-minute fix!

FINE Magazine got the expert advice of makeup artist Antonella Annibale about her wedding day necessities. From solid hairspray to a flawless concealer, here are the essentials for any Bridal Emergency Box. 

Pearly Whites

No bride wants to look back at her wedding photos and see a dull, yellow smile. Fix any last minute coffee stains with BrightWhite Smile to whiten your teeth on the go. 

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

All Day Hair

Every Bridal Emergency box needs a long-lasting hairspray. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray does just that. According to Annibale, professional stylists swear by it for its long-lasting hold, shine and sweet smell.

ULTA Beauty’s Professional Nail Dry

Chipped Nails

Nudes and neutrals from brands such as O-P-I are all the rage on the wedding day, but it’s too easy to scratch the perfect paint. Keep a bottle of your perfect polish in your Bridal Box, along with ULTA Beauty’s Professional Nail Dry. This simple product dries nails fast and efficiently—ideal for emergency touch-ups.

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent

Concealer/Highlight Pen

“Include a lightweight concealer or highlighter pen (such as Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent) in your cosmetic bag [to] cover blemishes or brighten under the eye area,” says Annibale.

Beauty products will make up the bulk of any Bridal Emergency Box, but don’t lose sight of the other oft forgotten essentials; packs of Kleenex (for joyful tears and last-minute blotting), needle and white thread (in case of a devastating tear), Bandaids (new heels cause blisters) and extra hairpins will inevitably make your dream day run smoother. No matter how big or small your wedding is, a bride should always look—and feel—her best. A little extra planning will eliminate the stress of your big day, regardless of any bridal emergency! 

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