The Complete Guide to Luxurious Road Trip Travel

The two words, ‘luxurious’ and ‘road trip’ don’t often go hand-in-hand. Road trips tend to feature cramped conditions, be uncomfortable, and straining on the body. Most road trip travelers cannot wait to get back home to their own bed by the end of it, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 


You can enjoy a luxurious road trip if you plan accordingly and decide.  


Start with Luxurious Travel Accommodation 


There are three main options for your road trip: 


  1. Unique and Luxurious Vacation Home 

  2. Luxurious Hotels 

  3. Large or Standard RV Rental 


For the most control and home-away-from-home feeling, you will want to opt for an RV rental. Large rentals can fit whole families, whereas standard RVs can be the ultimate luxury for couples. Even the smallest RV option, the compact RV, offers a double bed so you can explore the country in comfort and feel at home. 


Take-Two Weeks to a Month Off Work 


You will be spending a lot of time during your road trip driving. Though this drive can be made into a highlight if you choose scenic routes and great highways to travel on, the monotony of some highways will still start to wear you down. You also won’t be able to travel very far when it comes to crossing country or trying to tick off more than one national park.


To give yourself time to enjoy the experience instead of feeling like you are just racing from one place to another, you will want to take off two weeks to a month off from work. This will give you the time to explore the country deeply and calmly, and give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy spontaneous pit stops along the way. 


Plan Your Trip By Theme or Location 


There are two main ways you will want to plan your road trip. One is by theme, which will take longer to accomplish but will give you a completed sense of adventure. The second is by location. Some great ideas to plan your road trip route include: 


  1. National Parks 


The USA and the rest of North America have some truly stunning national parks. Making it your goal to see all of them, or all of them on the east or west coast is a great goal for adventure lovers. 


  1. West Coast 


Split up your time between National Parks and seeing sights like Yosemite National Park or Joshua Tree National Park, and break up the wilderness with stops to see top cities like LA or San Francisco. 


  1. East Coast 


New England is a great location to road trip through any time of the year. 


  1. Coast to Coast 


The ultimate road trip, of course, if the infamous Coast to Coast on Route 66 or Route 50. 


How to Pack Luxuriously for Road Trips 


Road trips, whether you are in an RV or not, should not be cluttered. You will need to aim to pack the least amount of items that give you the most value. This way you can enjoy the space and won’t feel like your belongings are pressing into you. 


Here are some tips to help you master the art of road trip packing


  1. Don’t Take Enough Clothes to Last the Trip 


Intend to wash your clothes while you are on your road trip. Try to limit your items to under 30. 


  1. Choose Multi-Purpose Fabrics 


Choose fabrics that suit the weather you are traveling in. Spring, bring rain-approved equipment. Summer, bring cotton and linens. Autumn, wools like cashmere. 


How to Make Driving More Enjoyable 


Regardless of whether you drive for short periods or take on long haul distances, you will want to make the driving experience more enjoyable for everyone on the roster. This means you need to: 


  1. Stay Well Hydrated and Fed 


Have snacks and drinks on board (this is much easier when you have an RV) so that you don’t feel fatigued or dehydrated when driving


  1. Prepare Playlists, Podcasts, and Audiobooks 


Stay entertained with a road trip playlist, download some great podcasts, or buy a few audiobooks to really make your drive more enjoyable. 


  1. Take Set Amount of Turns with Other Drivers 


Road fatigue happens especially when the road is straight and flat. The monotony means that even if the driver is well rested, their mind might “switch off” on what they are doing. This can be very dangerous. To limit road fatigue, switch drivers every two to three hours. 


How to Stay Safe on Your Luxurious Trip 


Staying safe is of course the main priority, especially when you are driving through less populated areas. To stay safe you will want to: 


  1. Know Your Rights 


Knowing your rights in each state is essential. This includes for when unmarked police cars attempt to pull you over. Instead of immediately pulling over to the side of the road, signal your compliance and keep driving until you reach a gas station or rest stop. 


  1. Have Roadside Assistance 


Invest in roadside assistance if your current insurance does not include it. This can come in handy if your vehicle stalls nowhere near a town or a garage. 


  1. Have a Satellite Phone 

If you intend to drive through the country, it is best to buy a satellite phone for the purpose. Cell reception can be patchy, and you always want to be able to call for help. 


  1. Have a GPS 

Invest in a satellite GPS so that you always know where you are. 


  1. Have a Backup Map 


Have a backup map, so that if your vehicle does die on the way, you can call and inform help where you are. 


  1. Have an Emergency Kit 


Have a first aid kit, an emergency flare, an extra gas tank, and extra water. 


What to Remember When on Your Road Trip 


Road trips are all about freedom, so give yourself space in the day to make spontaneous decisions. Perhaps a view is so stunning that instead of just driving by you stop and have lunch and enjoy the view? Or perhaps there is a local event you didn’t know about that you want to stop for? By giving yourself space for spontaneous adventures, you can make your road trip truly one of a kind.