The Dos & Don’ts of Painting Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Having the best interior décor has become the obsession of every person. Everyone is looking for the perfect color combinations when decorating their homes. Even the kitchen these days needs serious decoration to have that classy look for your home. Kitchen cabinet doors are part of your kitchen furniture and having the best color on your kitchen cabinets is not easy. The process goes beyond just picking the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets.  When you explore the internet, you will come across millions of DIY videos on how to select the correct color for your kitchen cabinets and on how to paint your kitchen cabinets. However there some essential tips; that everyone needs to know when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets.

When painting your kitchen cabinets, there are some very simple yet vitally important things that most people forget to take into consideration. In this article, we want to coach you through the process of painting your kitchen cabinets with no worries at all.

  1. Prepping is very important and a must

If you hire a professional for the painting process, then they will make sure that your kitchen cabinets are prepped for the painting project.  But if you are doing a DIY project don’t fall for the lies that you can paint your kitchen cabinets without prepping. Since you are not a professional, you need all the prepping tips you can gather to make sure that the painting project turns to be successful.  The prepping process will help you in making sure that whatever you do during the painting is correct. So, what involves prepping your kitchen cabinets for painting? You will clean, sand and prim your kitchen cabinets before painting. When prepping your kitchen cabinets, don’t do it in a hurry, instead, take your time so that you have the best results.  Remember your painting job will be just as good as your prep work.

  1. Picking your color before the other finishes on your kitchen cabinets

If you plan on having a kitchen makeover, then it is critical that there is coordination regarding color and patterns in your kitchen.  Don’t rush into picking the color of your kitchen cabinets without considering the other finishes in your kitchen. There is nothing more challenging than trying to match the color of your kitchen top with that of your kitchen cabinets.  The best trick is to work the color of your kitchen cabinets around the finishes you will have in your kitchen.

  1. Picking a paint color

The painting process cannot begin without a paint color. Picking the right paint happens to be part of the prepping process.  With all the excitement about remodeling your kitchen, you can overlook the importance of having the best paint color for your kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners make the mistake of picking their colors from small chips. This can prove to be disastrous in the end, when picking a paint color make sure that you use large sample boards. This will give a clear visual picture of how the color will look on your kitchen cabinets.  If the color doesn’t look good in a larger board, then you will probably not like it for your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Cleaning your kitchen cabinets before painting

It’s important that you clean your kitchen cabinets before painting so that you get rid of all the dirt. However, when picking the cleaning detergent, it’s important to take into consideration some factors. The detergent should not have silicone or any other chemical compound that doesn’t go well with the paints you will use.  Detergents that have silicone will end up causing your kitchen cabinets to have fish eyes. In case this happens to you, the best thing to do would be to sand down your kitchen cabinet and then clean using denatured alcohol. After that, prime again your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Chalk Paints

Some people might disagree with me when it comes to using chalk paint. However, using chalk paint might not be the best paint option for your kitchen cabinetry.  Many people fall for the features of no priming and no sanding that is associated with chalk paints. However, remember the importance of prepping your kitchen cabinets. Also, chalk paints do look good on furniture but not so good on kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of activities that do take place in the kitchen and using chalk paints will soon prove to be a very grave mistake.

  1. Sealing your kitchen cabinets using wax

We all know the importance of waxing one's furniture.  But when it comes to kitchen cabinets when you seal them with wax over a long time, then it will be a very different story (also with the type of activities going on in the kitchen like cooking and cleaning the wax might not hold on for too long).  The main problem with waxing your kitchen cabinetry for long is that the wax leaves a permanent stain that is close to impossible to clean off or sand the dirt off. However, this problem only occurs with waxing kitchen cabinets and not with waxing furniture.

  1. The Painting products and tools you use

If you opt for a DIY project of painting your kitchen cabinets, then it’s essential that you pick the correct painting products and tools. Your paraphernalia needs to be of the best quality in the market.  The whole painting process can become a waste of time and money when you decide to use painting brushes or rollers that are of poor quality. To get the best finish from your painting having the best products will play an important role. You need to make sure that your painting is similar to that done by an expert. If you are clueless about the tools for your DIY project, you can talk to a painting expert and get a few tips on the best tools to buy.

  1. Don’t panic

Even experts have a few obstacles in their painting projects. When you experience a few challenges, avoid panicking instead get in touch with an expert to guide you through. Don’t try to solve the problem on your own as this might worsen the situation. However, be prepared to spend time and a lot of energy when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinetry.  Remember to be prepared, and every problem can be fixed if handled promptly and properly.