The Do's and Don'ts Before Moving Out

The Do's and Don'ts Before Moving Out


Moving to a new place can be exciting, but the moving out process is anything but. It’s usually a stressful time with too many things to do—and too much that can go wrong—if you’re not organized and keeping track of everything. That’s why planning is going to be your number one priority. Without proper planning ahead, you can and probably will wind up in a big mess, and the bigger your family, the bigger the mess. When moving out, there are clear “do” actions to take, and definite “don’ts” if you’re aiming for a stress-free move. 


Let’s take a look at what to do and what not to do because they’re going to be critical to the process.

The “Do” list

Do decide if you’re planning to move on your own or hire a moving company

If you’re a DIY mover, you will be in full control, and many people find it to be a big plus. You can handle all the packing and make sure nothing breaks along the way. You’ll save some money if your budget is tight. On the other hand, you’ll need a lot of planning, more than the usual planning you’d do if you hired a company. You’ll be lifting lots and lots of boxes plus heavy, bulky furniture, which is no easy feat. It’s extremely tiring, but it is the way that some people prefer. On the other hand, if you choose to hire a company, you really won’t have to lift a finger. Assuming you’ve hired a good company, the movers will do an efficient job and will be able to handle any unexpected problems.

Do begin planning as early as you can

The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll finish and be able to figure out how to handle potential problems before they actually become problems. Getting this head start is going to be very helpful in avoiding stressful situations that may emerge because something was not properly planned ahead of time.

Do book a moving company in advance if you’ve decided to go that way

You can ask for advanced quotes and see what suits you. Read online reviews about the company of your choice, and if they don’t have a website, just move on to another company. 


Before Moving Out


Do follow a checklist seriously and cross off every task you finish

You might think you can remember everything, but you probably can’t. With a checklist, you won’t have to keep trying to remember what still needs to be done and what has been done already.

Do prepare an overnight bag

Not every item you’re moving with is an urgent item, but some are. Urgent items are things that you need to unpack almost as soon as you arrive at your new home. Make sure you have those items in a marked box or a bag so you can get them right away when you need to. Pack a few essentials you’ll need at night and first thing in the morning. That’s especially important if you’re moving with young children. Pajamas, a change of clothes, favorite toys, and such items should be with you, and not in a truck.

Do hire a company for end of tenancy cleaning

Your home should be left as clean as it was when you first entered it. In England, end of tenancy cleaning is the principal cause of deposit deduction disputes. Most reputable cleaning companies provide their customers with all the information they might require from the get-go. The research at shows that end of tenancy cleaning is a lot more complicated than just using detergents lying around. It takes effort, time and finesse. No matter what your final decision may be, you want your end of tenancy cleaning done professionally before the move out inventory is done, in order to record the property in the cleanest state possible to receive your full deposit. 

The “Don’t” list

Don’t wait till the last minute to coordinate the move-out process

A truck rental service might not have trucks available for the time you need to move out, or moving companies might be completely booked, leaving you stuck with no place to go. That’s a risk you don’t want to take.


The Do's and Don'ts Before Moving Out


Don’t pack till you declutter first

There is no point in packing things that you actually need to get rid of or sell. If you don’t declutter, you’ll be packing extra boxes, which translates into extra work and additional costs. 

Don’t put valuables in a moving truck

Personal valuables like jewelry, money, or important documents should always remain with you and carried by you personally. Besides, you don’t want to search through a dozen boxes during your first night in a new place. 

Don’t just hire any company at face value

There’s a reason why people actually meet movers beforehand. Researching online is a good start, but don’t just choose a company based on low pricing; you need to learn how to look out for red flags. For example, a company that is not insured is a big red flag, as reputable companies want to protect themselves from potential lawsuits and to be able to pay customers for any damages during the move. They should also be licensed, and neither too expensive nor too cheap. Make sure the moving company performs either an in-person inspection or a video survey of your possessions before they give you a cost estimation.

Don’t sneak away

If you’re moving from a rented property, make sure you’ve paid all bills and given your landlord a notice that you’ll be moving out. You’d be surprised just how many do sneak out in the middle of the night, without paying a final or due rent, and leave the place a mess. Whatever you do, you certainly don’t want to be one of those people.

When it comes to do’s and don’ts, they both need to be handled with equal importance. Moving out can be chaotic, or it can be organized with careful planning. You want to set a good example by giving your landlord advance notice and leaving the place spotless. Create a checklist because you can get overwhelmed. Don’t leave on a bad note, and do use these tips so your move-out goes as smoothly as possible.