The Five Best Party Movies Your Guests Will Go Crazy For



If you're trying to get some birthday party ideas, and you're planning on showing a movie during the event, you'll want to be sure you pick the right film. There are so many incredible movies to show at a party. If you're trying to pick the perfect film, these films are among the options that you'll want to consider.

1. Jurassic Park

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Unlike many special effects-heavy films, Jurassic Park has aged very well. This movie is full of thrills, and of course, it has plenty of dinosaurs to enjoy. Even though this is a film that most of your guests will have seen before, it's a movie that people will appreciate watching again.

If you haven't watched Jurassic Park in a long time, you might be surprised by how well this movie holds up. Make a few Jurassic Park-themed snacks to serve at your event, and your party should be a big hit.

2. Scream

Horror movies aren't always the right choice for parties. After all, not everyone enjoys the genre. However, Scream is a well-crafted slasher film that has a sense of humor. It also has some extremely memorable party scenes. Even if your event doesn't go smoothly, it's likely that it will go over better than the party in Scream!

If you're looking for a movie for a Halloween party, Scream is an amazing choice. You might even want to keep a mask on hand before the party starts. That way, you'll be able to keep the scares going long after the party is over.

3. La La Land

If the people that are attending your party love to listen to music, then a musical might be a good choice. The La La Land soundtrack is extremely appealing; it's filled with music that all kinds of people can enjoy. Unlike many musicals, this movie isn't over the top; the story that it tells is fairly down-to-earth.

Of course, this movie still has a few showstopping numbers. Your friends that love musicals will really appreciate those scenes and your friends that don't watch a lot of musicals will still appreciate this film.

4. The Avengers

People love superhero films, and one of the best superhero films to show at a party is the first Avengers movie. This movie contains all of Marvel's most popular characters, from Captain America to Thor to Iron Man. It's likely that most of your friends will have seen this movie before, but they won't mind watching them again.

If you choose to show a movie that's centered around one specific character, a lot of your friends are going to be disappointed. However, if you show a movie that's backed to the brim with characters, everyone at your party will have fun.

5. Can't Hardly Wait

Since you're throwing a party, why not show a movie that takes place at a party? Can't Hardly Wait is a classic 90s film that follows the events at one graduation party. Even if you're long out of high school, you'll find a lot to enjoy in this comedic film.

Some of the actors that played smaller roles in this film, like Seth Green, went on to become big stars. Because this film was released nearly 20 years ago, there's also a good chance that some of your guests haven't seen it before.

If you want to make sure you find the perfect movie for your party, you should try one of these five films. All of these movies are crowd-pleasers, which means they're a great thing for you to show at your next party. Play one of these movies, and people will have fun!