The Force is Strong with the San Diego Gulls

San Diego Gulls Battle the Dark Side at the First Ever Star Wars Night.

San Diego Gulls

By Union Tribune

In a world that so often seems so close to falling to the Dark Side, one hockey team is doing what it can to turn back towards the Light. On Jan. 9th, the San Diego Gulls, in addition to playing their normal game against the Charlotte Checkers, will be hosting a Star Wars Night. Festivities will include iconic Star Wars music during the game, clips from all of the movies including The Force Awakens, as well as on-ice performances from some of the most famous characters from the Star Wars series.

Even better, this isn’t merely just a tie-in with Disney to raise awareness to the five or so people left on earth who don’t know about the release of The Force Awakens. In addition to the excitement of seeing Darth Vader and Han Solo squaring off on the ice, a portion of the ticket sales will go to San Diego Chill, a local non-profit that aims to bring the joy of ice hockey to children with developmental disabilities.

Founded in 2014, San Diego Chill has spent the last two years building a community where disabled children can learn the importance of teamwork, respect, discipline while improving their learning skills and - most importantly - having fun in a way that is fundamental to the experience of being a child. The organization also wants to provide a network for the children to make friends and for parents and caregivers to be able to offer support to each other.

This event brings together two relative new-comers to San Diego. The new and revamped San Diego Gulls arrived in San Diego in 2015, playing their first home game on Oct. 10th. San Diego Chill is a relatively young non-profit. The ability to combine having an excuse to do good with dressing up as your favorite Star Wars character means this night has all the hallmarks of being a big success. 

The puck drops at 7:05 pm on Jan. 9th at the Valley View Casino Center. But you’ll probably want to arrive early for warm-ups and pre-puck activities. Tickets start at $18 available at San Diego Gulls. Part of the ticket sales are going to a great cause, so get on out there Gulls fans, and may the Force be with you.