The Future is Wireless—Jabra Headset Review

All Around Great Product Fit for Even The Pickiest Ears

Jabra Elite 25e headset

Used with permission

I’ve had about a dozen pairs of wireless headphones that all claim to be the best around. “Hours of battery life!” and “Never falls out!” are just a few of the favorite phrases listed on the boxes and handling cards. However, these claims were short-lived. I probably have the smallest ears on any human imaginable, so when I found that these headphones actually stayed in through my entire gym session, I was astounded. I really have the hardest time finding headphones that will fit in my ears, and when the wireless ones that claimed they “never fall out” were constantly slipping out of my ears. I had almost given up hope on wireless headphones and was planning to go back to my old, generic pair that came with my phone and gave me mediocre quality. But the Jabra Elite 25e wireless headphones gave me hope. Not only do they have a microphone built in, so you can answer calls without taking out your headphones, but they actually stay in your ears. And they claim the battery life lasts up to 18 hours! That’s the longest battery life I’ve seen on a pair of wireless headphones. And the neckband ensures that it will never sit uncomfortably on your neck.

And if all that weren't enough, this is the first pair of headphones I’ve ever seen that offers an app to turn your wireless experience hands-free! The Jabra Assist App gives Apple and Android users the ability to locate the headset, and it gives Android users the added ability to manage the battery and read out texts, emails, and social media messages. The headset offers one-touch access to Siri and Google Now via a dedicated voice control button, so there’s plenty of hands-free options to manage your life without the hassle of cords and having to reach for your phone while working out.

For those looking for a more convenient way to listen to music and answer calls while being active, this is an ideal pair of headphones. Not only does the Jabra Elite 25e offer tons of hands-free options, but it’s also weatherproof. The headset is wind and water resistant. So, if you’re a multi-tasker and you’re taking business calls while jogging in the rain, you’ll have no problem listing off important names and numbers while getting in your step count.

My favorite thing about this pair of headphones, however, has to be the sound quality. Wired or not, no headset I’ve ever used has had the same sound quality as these. My past attempts to use headphones to answer a phone call have resulted in having to hold the built-in mic right next to my mouth for the other person to be able to hear me, at which point I just had to give up on the hands-free idea and unplug the headphones to answer a call. Honestly, these headphones have solved a majority of my musical struggles, and I’m just so glad they come with three different sized EarGel attachments to fit my freakishly small ears.