The Guide to Creating a Smarter Home in 2019


The Guide to Creating a Smarter Home in 2019


Nowadays we are lucky to have so many advances in technology, some which can make our lives a little easier, and some which can even protect us and keep us safer.


If you have been seeing things like Alexa, and smart doorbells, but don’t feel too knowledgeable about all this latest tech and how they can truly benefit you, then not to worry as we have got you covered!


In this article we look at some of the latest smart technology on the market, and explain how they could be beneficial in your home in making it smarter in 2019.

What Exactly is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology relates to devices which can all be connected to the internet. Therefore, it’s a good idea to already have a strong quality broadband in place before you smarten up your home, such as the latest nbn rollout. From this extra connection with devices, you are able to see better how these devices function and have full automation on the ability to control these devices around the entire house.


There are many benefits to having a smart home, so we will now show you some of the smart products which people are investing in!

SkyBell HD

The first smart product we look at is the SkyBell HD. If you are keen to keep your home safe, then you will be interested in this piece of equipment! The SkyBell HD is a video doorbell which lets you see and communicate with whoever is at your door without even opening it!


This handy gadget also comes with a built in app which allows you to see the visitor from your mobile, so you will never have to answer to a stranger again. This smart device definitely delivers peace of mind to users, especially parents who may need to leave their children home alone.

The Ecobee4

If you would like to see the temperature in individual rooms of your home, then the Ecobee will be able to help you out. The Ecobee4 is the latest version of this device and is a thermostat which manages hot and cold spots. It features an Alexa speaker integrated within the device which can be used to carry out certain orders. It is also Wi-Fi compatible and reads the exact temperature as well as occupancy, ensuring complete comfort in every room.

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb

Looking to save money on your energy bills? Perhaps investing in some smart bulbs would be a good way to start. The Eufy Lumos is a smart bulb which gives you complete control of the color output and light intensity. This means you can change to suit your mood and give the room some ambience now and then. If a little light is needed simply turn it down to a low energy saving setting and you are good to go! This can all be done via the EufyHome app which allows you to chop and chance at the swipe of a button.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus is a speaker which you control simply by using your voice. This connects to the Alexa voice service, and allows you to make calls, play music, ask questions when you need them as well as provide a lot of information on the latest news, sports, weather and lots more.


This device can also connect to smart devices around your home, allowing you to control them through the speaker. This is truly a modern device to have, and certain to smarten up your home in 2019!