The Healthy Approach to Dating That Everyone Should Know

Photography By Valentin Antonucci


We are all hard-wired for love. This love can come in many forms, from platonic to familial, too, of course, romantic. We need it in our lives to be happy, but not just anyone will do. This is what makes relationships so special, especially the relationship between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together.


This happily ever after has been celebrated in song, in movies, on TV, in plays, and in stories since the dawn of our time. We love love, but the dating game can be quite toxic. You need to know how to approach dating healthily so that no matter whether the relationship works out or doesn’t, you can still enjoy it while it lasts


Here’s how to approach dating, and not let being in a relationship take over your life.


Don’t Look for Solutions in Other People


There is a notion that being in a relationship with ‘fix’ us. This is not the case. If you are not happy with yourself, then your insecurities will only reflect and could, in the long run, cause issues in your relationship.


Look after yourself and learn to love the person you are. Then, and only when you are happy with yourself, should you look for the perfect person to compliment you.


Enjoy Being Single


The best way to improve yourself is to wait until you are content with being single. If you enjoy yourself and can spend time alone, chances are you can enter into a healthy relationship down the line.


Learn to have fun with friends and not to be constantly on the lookout for love. By having a group of people you love to spend time with when the right person comes along, you won’t have the need to bend over backwards just because you don’t want to be along. Learning how to be with yourself makes you a stronger individual.


Improve Your Dating Game


Dating tips and flirting advice can be useful, especially if your confidence was shot due to your break up, or your past relationship was so long you simply forgot how to act in the dating game. If needs be, use a dating coach to help you get started. Every person is different, but knowing how to read body language and even practice responses in advance can help you be suave when needed.


Be Patient when Dating


Dating culture can be toxic, and everyone has different opinions about it and different expectations. One person might want to play the game and not want anything serious, others might be frustrated by the steps you take not to seem too interested. The rule of thumb is to play it by ear. Don’t be too rigid with the “rules” of dating and instead change your strategy based on the other person.


Be Honest


Though you shouldn’t put expectations on a relationship too soon, it will not hurt, to be honest with your expectations upfront. That way you can both know where you stand. If you are only looking for something fun, for example, let them know.  


Not every relationship you have will last forever, and that is okay. Contrary to popular belief, we do change over time, and someone who was right for you back then might not be right for you now. By following this guide, you can get back into dating with a healthy mindset – the kind that is needed to get into your next great love story.