The Idea Behind Having Radiant Skin

Understanding the way your skin works

Radiant Skin

San Diego is known for its beautiful people, beaches, and weather.  An iconic city for being on the leading edge of anti-aging serum reviews and procedures, I am honored to be asked to explain the science of glowing, healthy skin. Each week I will focus on simple practices that will help our Fine readers to understand the simplistic needs of the skin.

The clientele of my acupuncture practice has very high standards for maintaining their youthful appearance. This, coupled with the constant desire to play in the sun and our dry climate, is what makes my job an exciting challenge. Delicately placing up to 30 needles in a client’s face that has an audition or big presentation the next day is my kind fun.

The biggest misunderstanding about the skin is also the cause of premature aging. We are taught at a young age, that the skin is a barrier and it protects everything on the inside. A barrier connotes that there is nothing going in or going out of the skin. I spend most of my time educating clients that the skin is more like a highway; without any traffic or congestion, ingredients can travel more quickly to get where they need to go. Congestion of the skin is due to a lack of flow caused by the chemicals and unnatural substances placed upon the skin. A wrinkle, a dark spot or pimples are all considered the same thing: congestion. Where there is no flow, there is no glow.

I like to use the example of a tomato as a visual cue to understand the function of the skin. The skin of a tomato is delicate and strong;  it keeps all the juice inside, it maintains structure and allows the energy of the sun and hydration of h2O to pass to the inside of the skin. The cells inside are programmed to replicate in healthy formation to grow into another form of energy that our bodies can use.

If you place chemicals like fertilizer on the skin, the tomato is more capable of enduring harsh weather, it stays free from bugs, and allows the tomato to grow bigger.  It becomes a super tomato but when put to the taste test, it is unsatisfying compared to its organic counterpart. San Diegans know this, which is why we are saturated with local organic farmer’s markets. The foods without chemicals taste better and our bodies understand the energy more quickly. Ever notice how much better you feel when you cut out all the processed foods?

If you take an anti-aging cream that has chemicals for cost reasons along with powerful regenerative ingredients, the skin is forced to process the organic from the non–organic substances, which requires energy from the body. This energy usage is what slows down the ability to regenerate and replicate healthy skin cells.  It becomes a cellular traffic jam. Yikes, what a mess!

Understanding how the skin works are the first step to radiant skin.  If you would like to take it to the next step, check out my blog at

Rebecca Underdown, L.Ac is the owner of Essencia Acupuncture in Solana Beach and is the CEO of Veridatta Skin, an advanced anti-aging skincare line.