The Importance Of Proper Maintenance Of The Generator Set

The key factor in the smooth operation of a generator set is following a proper and regular maintenance program/schedule. Generators have slowly become a necessity in many households of late. Industries of various sizes have also categorized generators as a must-have component for their organization’s needs. They come handy in all kinds of power supply failure situations. These days, natural calamities like bush fires, severe storms, landslides etc occur without prior notice, so investing in a good generator is a must. 

People are becoming smart enough to be prepared beforehand in case of such calamities. Almost, all the day to day activities requires a source of electricity. Business establishments have become solely dependent on a continuous and consistent flow of electricity. According to Brett Patterson of Able Sales (, larger generators hold more fuel, which means they can run for longer.  Power failure is a factor that leads to a massive loss of productive hours in any organization. Hence having a back-up generator has become the topmost priority on a daily basis.

Simply buying the generator does not do the entire trick. You have to be sure that in times of emergency, the generator functions perfectly without a glitch. You will have to verify that the authorized person who conducts the inspection do the following:

  • Carry out the inspection of the entire Genset on time 
  • Have a proper understanding of the technical information in the manufacturer’s manual
  • Adopt precautionary and preventive measures as per the instructions
  • Maintain documents and records of all observations during each inspection.

How To Maintain Your Generator During Summer & Winter?


  • Cooling mechanism


Proper maintenance of the cooling mechanism in the generator is of utmost concern during the peak summer seasons. The generators should be inspected to ensure that the generator set is kept cool as it attains the operating temperature. The following factors have to be given attention:


  • Coolant mixture-Low levels of coolant mixture can lead to untimely shutdowns due to thermal shocks. 
  • Coolant level - The system will sense a decrease in the coolant level and automatically shut down even if there is a power failure and the generator is expected to operate smoothly. Low coolant levels lead to air pockets which in turn cause overheating issues.
  • Block heaters should be inspected carefully as they ensure that combustion occurs at a faster pace. The heater hose should also be in good condition.


  • Battery conditions:  

The battery voltage has to be confirmed at regular intervals. You should make sure that the generator is capable of providing the adequate power supply to all the appliances connected in times of power failure. Make sure that the battery charge does not run out. Keep regular checks on the charging and retaining capacity. 


  • Deterioration:  

Prevention of corroded elements and loose wires is important. This can lead to electrical shocks. Loose connections should be thoroughly inspected and rectified as soon as possible. Sparks and short circuits should be taken care of immediately.


Must do checks include:

  • Removal of dirt, leaves and other debris in the surrounding area is important, as this can cause clogging in the internal system.
  • Keep a check on the distilled water and always ensure that it is of optimum level.
  • Do not keep the generator in extremely humid conditions. Maintain a moisture-free storage place that is not directly exposed to the sun.
  • Oil and gas should be filled at optimum levels. They should not be exposed to the extremely hot atmosphere.


The onset of winter calls for extra care in the maintenance program of a Genset. You will have to be ready for any emergency that occurs. Updating and upgrading the heating mechanism in buildings and homes is the most important responsibility that cannot be overlooked.

Must do checks include: 

  • Removing and upgrading all the worn-out components, however small or insignificant they seem.
  • Regular inspections of the fluid levels. 
  • Check the pipelines to avoid freezing.
  • Inspect the power button and make sure all the switches are working properly.
  • Charging the battery to the optimum level 
  • Make sure all the internal circuits and connections are clean.
  • Keep the gen-set free from wet conditions and ensure that the components are moisture-free.
  • Take readings of all the control panels at scheduled intervals.
  • Check all the indicators to ensure that there is no loophole in-service maintenance.
  • Keep serious surveillance on the anti-freeze properties and instructions which will prevent the Genset from freezing up.

Advantages of keeping a regular maintenance schedule for the generator: 

  • Lights, heating systems, kitchen appliances, TV sets, and other essential requirements can be switched on during power failure.
  • Furnaces can still be used to keep the house warm and safe. During storms and other conditions, it is important that the residents of the house do not freeze or become ill due to the cold weather.
  • It is essential to stock food and medicines during emergencies. It is equally important to make sure that such perishable items do not get spoiled. One of the main reasons the generator sales have increased tremendously is due to this reason.  The refrigerator should have a constant source of electricity to ensure the same.
  • Basement flooding should be avoided and hence the power supply to the sump pumps should not be interrupted.
  • These are the days when the internet is an essential part of our lives. The absence of net connectivity affects communication, work from home options and also makes it unable to monitor risky storm situations.
  • Uninterrupted power to all the connected appliances can be insured.

Why you should not neglect the maintenance 

  • Wear and tear occurs 
  • Fearing small investments during maintenance and avoiding them may lead to bigger issues like replacing costly parts.
  • The entire generator set may break apart and this will lead to even replacement of the entire set.
  • Negligence on your part can lead to loss of mechanical or electrical integrity
  • Loss of signal continuity 

A malfunction will render the generator set useless and the entire purpose is defeated. So make sure that you carry out regular inspections under the supervision of an experienced electrician/technician assigned for the purpose. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure!