The Ins and Outs of Booking a Holiday Last Minute

There are a host of benefits to booking a holiday last minute, like having the chance to get great value for money and the opportunity to cut your waiting time right down (great for those who get impatient when their vacation is on the horizon). However, this kind of booking arrangement is only fruitful if it is done properly. How do you plan a whole getaway close to the desperation date correctly? Read on to find the ins and outs of doing so.


Be careful when choosing the destination and when you’ll be going


There is no definitive answer to what places in the world are suited better to last minute booking, but there are a number of variables that do impact when and where you should be traveling when you want to travel in the spur of the moment. Importantly, you should know that late deals are very hard to come by in the peak summer season, so avoid booking then and instead wait until the close of summer and beyond to book up.


Shop around and don’t jump on the first deal you find


Finding a great last minute deal with one travel agency might make you feel like your search for a bargain break is complete, but it’s not. Chances are if one agency has been able to provide the last minute deal, then another will be able to too. What’s more, this other agency might be offering the holiday at a lower price, having been made previously aware of how much its competitor was charging, meaning you could stand to save even more by taking your business to them instead. You may even start a bidding war for your custom, where both agencies seek to offer you the very best deal!


So, don’t instantly jump on the first deal that you see, no matter how good it might be, and make sure to shop around on comparison sites that provide information on all the leading travel agencies. In fact, don’t just look at the leading agencies, because you can find just as many last minute all inclusive deals on Teletext Holidays as you can on the ones that are deemed to be more popular.


Speak to travel agents directly


You may be used to using your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to book your flights and accommodation, but there is still a lot to be gotten from going to a travel agent directly when seeking to bag yourself a great last-minute deal. You could potentially get inspired by talking to a travel agent (there’s probably still one or two dotted around your local high street), and you can tap into their insider knowledge - as well as the skills needed to search through copious amounts of deals at one time.


If you want to save yourself some money and cut down the anticipation that builds in the run-up to your next holiday, then resolve to practice patience and book something last minute.