The Internet Cannot Leave Our Lives

New Internet Facts

New Internet Facts

Those who view the world as “too connected” often talk about the pre-internet days in a fond and nostalgic tone. We remember parents kicking us outside to go play and not come home until the street lights were on. We didn’t Google when we wanted to learn something, we went to the library and read reference books or asked the librarian for help. Homework was done with pencil, paper, and a textbook. If you had a party, you mailed invites through the postal service. If you wanted to know movie times, you called the theater and listened to a recording with that week’s showtimes. You kept up with friends and family through phone calls, cards, and handwritten letters. Now with a high-speed internet connection, we do all that in half the time on our computers. Simply put, we are in an age in which we rely on the internet more than we realize.


Entertainment is probably one of the biggest reasons why we are so connected. There is a slew of games to be played on various social networks across the world wide web. Some games are designed so that we can play with other players across the globe. Others allow us to play on our own but we can connect with friends and help send “lives” should they need it. With smartphones taking over the cell phone sector, just about everyone now has instant entertainment should they get bored at the doctor's office.

Let’s look at it a step further though. Facebook alone is a fantastic example of the ease of finding entertainment. Where we once looked at a TV Guide for shows or read the newspaper about upcoming events in our towns, now we run over to Facebook and find out what's really going on. People create private events for birthdays and anniversaries. Local bands create event pages for the gigs they book. Charities create event pages for fundraisers they are hosting. Even churches make event pages for special occasions that are taking place in their sanctuary. If you are bored on a Friday night, you can easily log-in and find something to do in that area. Or you can create your own event and invite people to your house for any reason whatsoever.


For adults, we can easily educate ourselves on our own time with the internet. We peruse blogs, news sites, and online magazines to find out what's happening in an area of interest. If we want to learn a new recipe, we hit our favorite chefs’ website and learn from our idols. We consult YouTube for makeup tutorials. We check reviews on a product that we are considering purchasing in the future. With the internet, it is much easier to learn more about what we want to know rather than pack up and head to a library.

Schools are also utilizing the internet as a way to cut down on costs and still educate. They have their own protected servers to create cloud based sharing sites so that students can study and leave questions for their instructor. No more textbooks, pencil, and paper, students now have access to laptops to use for writing papers, study modules, and research.


Even the business world is jumping on the bandwagon. Many companies are going paperless by storing information in the cloud, saving themselves time and money for storing documents. Meetings don’t have to be held in person thanks to programs like Skype, which enable a meeting to happen between people across the globe. Businesses that sell products can now sell online with no physical store and land even more sales. It’s even necessary to have a website so that people can learn your policies, hours, and what products or services you offer.

Without the internet, we wouldn’t have seen our lives move in the direction they have. While some may feel like it’s too much, the reality is that it’s not going anywhere. Without it we wouldn’t be as entertained, we would lose touch with family easier, we wouldn’t have access to so much information, and businesses would fail.

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