The Most Efficient Way to Achieve Up To 5000 Likes On Instagram Posts

Instagram was developed as a social media community meant to allow people to share their beautifully captured photographs that depict a person’s real-life endeavours. Still, during the years, this platform went through various updates, which regularly changed the algorithm on which users reached specific accounts. All of this was done with the sole purpose of bettering user experience. So, as a result, today’s Instagram algorithm functions like this: if your post receives an impressive number of likes, it is automatically eligible for a higher position on your followers’ timelines. This means that you won’t benefit from the chronological feature anymore. And, of course, that you need to strive to attract attention so that you gather numerous likes that ultimately will boost your chances for achieving more public exposure

So, likes represent a vital measuring tool for Instagram. And they can boost your followers’ pool, increase the traffic redirected to your account and lead to better engagement. There are quite a few tactics that can aid you in gathering many likes in little to no time. Read on to discover our top recommendations to achieve 5000 likes on your Instagram posts starting today. All the guidance you will find up next is made based on how the Instagram algorithm functions in 2020.

  1. Opt for qualitative & inspiring photographs

The first thing you need to do if you aim to get at least 5000 likes is to select your images with a lot of attention. This platform was designed starting from a visual cue. And this means the visual content you share plays a significant role in how users interact and how the algorithm perceives your post. You get the opportunity to share an image or a self-created design. Still, before choosing between one of those options, it is always best to assess your account’s activity. In this way, you will discover which content attracted more attention. And it can be a good idea to verify your competitors’ visual cues, too. Getting inspiration from their strategies can turn out to be extremely helpful. Several market kinds of research revealed that the Mayfair filter for photos has the power to attract the best engagement. On the other hand, an un-edited image might rank second in terms of engagement. Anyhow, specialists say you must try the two approaches before selecting only one.

Keep in mind that pre-designed content requires a little bit of extra attention from your part. As such, you need to include an enticing text that can stir the curiosity of your followers. The general rule says that anything of public interest can instantly boost the views and likes for a post.

  1. Make use of hashtags and call-to-action

So, if you want to improve your accounts activity, you need to learn how to master hashtags. These can get you lots of attention if you select them carefully. And to do so, you can analyze the manner in which your competitors use hashtags. Or you can make use of a third-party app that will provide useful ideas for your niche. In case you didn’t know already, users can search and follow hashtags. This means they can attract new followers to your account. Studies show that using an average of 11 hashtags can make your post achieve the best engagement. But at the same time, it is highly recommended not to exceed 15 hashtags per post. It might rank your content as spam.

Besides hashtags, call-to-action is extremely necessary. Social media platforms are all about communication, so encouraging users to interact with your content is a must. You can use image descriptions such as `comment with your opinion` or `like if you agree`. This will attract attention and will make your followers check your post.

  1. Schedule your posts wisely

As it is the case with any social media platform, Instagram has some exciting business tools. Thus, you can analyze and monitor the timeframe in which your followers engage the most with your content. And, as a result, you can use that data to share your content only when most of your followers are online. The idea is to draw as much attention as you can from your followers, which in turn will trigger a chain reaction amongst their followers. 

  1. Link all your accounts

If you aim to improve your Instagram’s activity, you should know that connecting all your accounts between them is a must. Share your posts on Facebook or Twitter can increase the engagement rate. Sharing your Instagram content automatically on several other accounts can significantly add to your engagement and likes.

  1. Engage with other accounts

The secret to success is to get involved in other accounts activities. As such, taking some time to like other posts can make your account more visible. You can like or comment, as engaging with fellow online users can get you at least 21 likes in return for every 100 likes. 

  1. Create contests

And as you might expect, an Instagram contest can work wonders for your account’s activity. You can go for `tag your friend in the comment and win X prize` or you can even encourage your followers to share your content on their InstaStory for an additional chance to win. No matter what type of contest you organize, you should also encourage the winners to share their opinion about the prize. This will get you a lot of engagement and a truthful customer testimonial. 


So, now that you know the top six ways to get immediate likes on Instagram, you are ready to start your first promotional campaign so that you achieve at least 5000 likes in little to no time. Besides, you can always jumpstart your account with the help of online services such as Social Boss, where you’ll easily get the necessary number of active followers whose main goal is to boost your account, making it highly competitive and attractive for others to act on your page – put likes, leave comments and recommend your Instagram to their friends.