"The Mummy" Movie Reboot Review

Tom Cruise Stars in The Mummy

The Mummy 2017 Reboot

I will admit, when I heard Universal was planning a reboot of The Mummy with Tom Cruise as the lead actor, I was less than thrilled. I’m a die hard fan of the original Mummy trilogy with Brendan Fraser, and Tom Cruise isn’t my favorite actor. However, after seeing The Mummy––now playing in theaters––I was actually quite impressed with how it all turned out.

The Mummy is the first of many monster movies to come from Universal as they plan a Dark Universe franchise which will include Frankenstein’s monster, the Invisible Man, and the Wolf Man. It was a surprising and interesting way to kick things off.

Cruise plays Nick Morton, a jaunty military daredevil with a thing for stealing antiquities. Cruise is his usual charming self, and his comedic banter with his sidekick, played by Jake Johnson, brought out many light-hearted moments. Annabelle Wallis gave a great performance, though the character was predictable at the same time. Wallis starts off not finding Cruise charming, and by the end of the film develops feelings for him, but their on-screen chemistry made it all the more believable. 

Tom Cruise The Mummy

The Mummy features two standout performances by Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Sofia Boutella as the evil Ahmanet. Crowe’s character is an interesting take on the Jekyll-Hyde story, and he will be the one we see throughout this Dark Universe, so hopefully we learn more about him. Boutella gives an outstanding performance and is as terrifying as she is seductive. 

The special effects and cinematography were pretty remarkable, like the zero-gravity plane crash scene or the sandstorm attacking all of London. They do, however, make a small connection to the 1999 Mummy reboot starring Brendan Fraser. In one of the big action scenes, Wallis grabs a book and hits a guard over the head with it. As the book hits the ground, a close-up reveals that it is the Book of the Dead. The large star-shaped lock is hard to miss, so it’s clear this Easter Egg was intentional. 

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