The New Female Oasis

New Female Spaces Designed to Emulate Popular Man Caves

The intention is not be an extension of the home, but rather of the woman herself.

Julia Roberts may have traveled the world to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and acquire the zen she needed in her life, but the time has come where the oasis a woman yearns for resides right in her backyard. Men have their caves and now women have their sheds.

An alternate form of the male counterpart, ‘She Sheds’ are rooms or spaces designed specifically to be a woman’s fantasy world. Blueprinted as miniature living rooms, women are able to do as they wish in their own open space, without interruption. The idea resembles an adult playhouse, only rather than being a clubhouse, the space is considered a mini-getaway with a ‘no boys allowed’ sign hanging outside.

While they can vary, the purpose of a she shed is entirely up to the woman. From reading to napping to an extra work office space, women use the shed as a free space to do what they wish. Although sheds can be constructed in the backyard, most she sheds are created from extra garage space or outdoor sheds preexisting on the property.

The concept of a she shed mostly relies on the decorations. The designs may vary according to a woman’s preference and taste, but the interiors follow the same pattern. Popularnecessities for a she shed include: sofas, pillows, bookshelves, office desks, florals, photographs and bohemian lights. It is also common to coat the floors with layered rugs and fill open spaces with vintage antiques. The most crucial aspect of a she shed is that it’s a space where a fantasy world can become a reality. The female space can emulate a cottage in the woods, beach house, garden greenhouse, library, craft room, art studio, coffee shop, etc.

She shed luxuryShe sheds are commonly painted bright colors in order to be distinguished from the property. Common colors include: pastel blue, yellow, mint, green, red or modern white. The intention is for the shed to not be an extension of the home, but rather of the woman herself. Women use she sheds to feel relaxed and pampered, without having to put a dent in their wallets or book a plane ticket. It’s a space where women actually enjoy dedicating their time so it’s important to decorate accordingly.

She sheds may be a free space but they can also be renovated for holidays. Transform the open space into a mini haunted house for Halloween to add an extra scare factor for trick-or-treaters. During winter, the shed can be revamped into a real-life gingerbread house filled with bright lights, fake snow, decorative trees and the smell of freshly baked goods.   

Barbie may have sung, “Imagination, life is your creation,” but she sheds are giving Barbie a run for her money for the ultimate dream house.