"The Night Game"

The creative mind behind "The Night Game," Martin Johnson

Photo provided with permission


San Diego Welcomes Popular Musician’s Solo Endeavors: “The Night Game”.


San Diego is excited to welcome Martin Johnson of “The Night Game” during his new headlining tour as a solo artist. Former lead singer of the wildly popular band “Boys Like Girls,” Johnson has taken an active role in producing his own music and formulating a new, unique sound.


“The Night Game” has an Indie-Pop feel to it, a deviation from the previous teenage anthems of “Boys like Girls.” Johnson attributes this change in sound to the creative freedom of being a solo artist. During the creation of his latest album which is due to drop this summer, Johnson wished to “strip away the noise” and, in fear of compromising authenticity, he didn’t listen to other artists during production. The lack of outside influence is evident in singles such as “Bad Girls Don’t Cry” and “Once in a Lifetime,” both boundlessly original and edgy.


According to Martin, being a solo artist is lonely compared to the creative support of performing in a band, that’s why his solo project, “The Night Game” emphasizes collaboration. With the help of his touring band, friends and fellow producers, “The Night Game” has become an incubator for musical talent and originality.

"The Night Game"

Martin Johnson’s thrilled to showcase his music as “The Night Game” will kick off its first headlining tour on March 17 in Seattle. More than anything Johnson says he’s just ecstatic to play. In his opinion, touring can be overwhelming. Plus, he reminds us that there is always a rush to get to the next city. But he says it is all worth it for the hour and a half where he can “do nothing but perform” and play the music he tirelessly poured his heart into writing and producing.


“The Night Game” will be playing at the San Diego venue, Soda Bar, on Thursday, March 22.