The San Diego Latino Film Festival Celebrates its 23rd Festival

The San Diego Latino Film Festival Comes to Life

Stills from Viva Provided by The San Diego Latino Film Festival

Celebrating and acknowledging great films for 23 years, the San Diego Latino Film Festival will be making an appearance at the AMC 18 Simon Theatre. With 11 consecutive days of film appreciation, the festival will take place March 10th through the 20th.

Beginning as a showcase for student films embracing the Latino culture in filmmaking, the Latino Film Festival grew to accommodate a more widespread audience and collection of filmmakers. Over 3,000 films have been displayed at past festivals, including the genres of narrative, documentary, and short films. Throughout the 11 days of film showings, a staggering 165 Latino films will be exhibited for guests. 

The vision statement of the SDLFF calls into recognition the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of minority groups in the media. By giving access to technology and opportunities, minority filmmakers are given the ability to thrive against stacking odds. The annual film festival provides a strong, encouraging representation of the Latino film community.

In addition to the film showcase, there will be concerts throughout the festival which will benefit the Media Arts Center San Diego's Youth Media Scholarships. Of the notable performers, the Grammy-nominated Los Amigos Invisibles will make an appearance.

Elvira Te Daría Mi Vida Pero La Estoy Usando

We understand that 165 films may seem like an outrageous number of movies to attempt to view in an eleven day period, and we agree! The SDLFF has displayed diverse showcases worth recognizing in the festival, and we have picked a few of the top films to give you a preview of some of the films we’re excited about.

Directed by Klych López, Siempreviva is a 2015 drama produced under the Colombia! Country of Focus Film Showcase. The plot speaks to political concerns as topics of money and war are incorporated into the plot. When a landlord faces losing her mortgage, her daughter must provide for her family in order to secure the tenants. However, at her job in the Palace of Justice, the daughter faces an unforeseeable danger when the palace is attacked by guerrilla warfare and caught on fire. It is then up to her mother and some of the tenants to put together the confusing details of what happened to her that day during the brutal attack. This film is in Spanish with English subtitles. You can view this spectacular movie on the 10th, 14th, and 20th of March at the SDLFF.

Another noteworthy film hails from the El Corazón showcase and speaks to the theme of love and romance. Directed by Adriano Mendes, The First Summer tells the all-too-familiar tale of two teenagers getting swept up in the emotions of love. Beginning with a chance meeting and an instantaneous connection, the two soon fall for each other and end up in each other’s company all throughout the summer. Although seemingly stable for two teenagers in love, when fall rolls around the couple fights to find mutual ground. This romance film comes from Portugal and is thus filmed in Portuguese with English subtitles. Exhibited on the 12th and 20th, this film is sure to attract viewers with the romantic theme.

Una Ultima y Nos Vamos

The next film we’re featuring is El Hombre Nuevo directed by Aldo Garay. Belonging to the Documania! showcase, the film documents the life of a transgender Nicaraguan woman who has transitioned from male to female. Unfortunately, this turbulent change has not been easy for her, and she faces many obstacles like drugs and prostitution. Overcoming these drawbacks, she decides to go back to her hometown where she grew up as a male. The character’s soul-searching throughout the film speaks to the LGBTQ community. This film is in Spanish with English subtitles and was made with Uruguay, Chile, and Nicaragua in mind. Showings for this film are scheduled on the 12th and the 20th.

You won’t want to miss out on the San Diego Latino Film Festival as they celebrate 23 years of bringing excellent films showcasing minorities into the spotlight. So much about culture can be learned through the viewing of these films, as each one delivers an impactful message. Whether it be a drama, a romance, or a documentary, each film delivers its message in a unique way, paying homage to every different culture.

Tickets and passes for the film festival range in price and can be bought at San Diego Latino Film or the box offices at AMC Fashion Valley 18 and Digital Gym Cinema North Park.