The San Diego Opera and the Addictive Nature of Girl Scout Cookies

I'm not sure which I enjoy more: the San Diego Opera or Girl Scout Cookies

San Diego Opera

With springtime in the air, San Diego is just a giant playground for us to enjoy. We take many things for granted simply because there is so much to do here. One of the things I enjoy most about this job is I’m able to see so many shows that are offered to us. Last year, I was lucky enough to discover opera, and completely fell in love with it. I have been greatly anticipating this San Diego Opera season since last November. Last month, when the San Diego Opera’s staging of Tosca delivered such a deeply moving story of heartfelt passion, if I could have attended every performance of it, I would have.

It was just a short 18 months ago when the San Diego Opera was looking as if it would die a financial death and deprive us of the magnificent productions they stage. We owe a great deal to those that refused to accept that it was over and moved the heavens to bring it all together and soldier onward against all odds. It’s not just the staff at the Opera that deserves our gratitude for their perseverance; their most generous donors richly deserve accolades as well, for without them we would have lost these incredible evenings that enhance our vibrant culture.

The whirlwind continued throughout the rest of the month as the first ever San Diego Theatre Week picked up right where the Opera left off. Again, our San Diego production companies showed us that with so much out there, we have no excuse to not find a show to our liking to attend. There was so much I wanted to see, but time and distance has a way of making its presence felt and choices had to be made. The best part is that these companies will be around this season and I know that we can expect many wonderful shows.

So my friends and faithful readers, I have to admit something very painful. I have an addiction. It started out like every addiction, something I felt I could manage, a couple here and there, then it grew to a whole tube, and practically overnight to an entire box in one setting. I had to start adding a large glass of cold milk to go with it. I’m sure many of you share my shame. Yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookies, especially those Thin Mints right out of the freezer.

The Girl Scouts were out in force over the past month, and— if you’re lucky—in some places they’re still around for a couple of weeks. They were at the store where I shop, on the street corners in my neighborhood, even coming by the house with a wagon full of those addictive delights. There was no getting away from them. And like every year, they come around for a month—and then they’re gone. By this time, I think I only have enough Thin Mints to get me through perhaps the middle of May.

In the past, I have tried to curb my Thin Mint addiction by looking for something by the Keebler Elves, but it’s no good. As those green boxes start to leave open space in my freezer, I try to cut back my intake, but try as I may, there is always that last Thin Mint of the year, and that day will be looming in front of me soon. So if any of you have a case of Thin Mints that’s taking up too much room, please let me know—I just might be able to help you with that.