The Sultry Science of H2O Purification

The Art of Eliminating Toxins in Home Systems

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Charles Butler is on a mission. CEO and owner of Blue Water, the premier San Diego Distributer of Scale Stop Plus, provides the latest in sophisticated water purification systems, one household at a time. After a trip to Saudi Arabia a number of years, he was intrigued by the astute manner in which they both desalinated and purified water. Subsequently, Butler learned about Scale Stop Plus, a scale deposit prevention product that is safe, effective, economical and efficient. It purifies water with the latest technology using carbon-based media instead of salt. With a background in faucet manufacturing, Butler became committed to offering the best water purification system available and found it in Scale Stop Plus’s innovative methodology. In short, it is the preeminent decontaminating and heavy metal removal system available on the market today.



Every family wants safe, clean-tasting and non-corrosive water. Since one of the greatest hazards in water are heavy metals, reducing or removing them to acceptable levels is vital. With Scale Stop Plus, 99.9 percent of “all soluble lead, mercury, copper and other metals” are effectively and efficiently removed.


In addition to creating safer, cleaner, better tasting water by removing the heavy metal culprits, the benefits of Scale Stop Plus also dramatically reduce and in some cases, may even eliminate scale that builds up in pipes, faucets, and water heating systems in particular. Not only does scale - the noxious accumulation of these metals and minerals - restrict water flow, it also damages pipe walls and can even sluff off and carry microscopic particles downstream. Further, Scale Stop Plus removes all chloramines.


Why is chloramine removal important?


While chlorine and chloramines are important in disinfecting water from bacteria, they generate a by-product that, according to the Center for Disease Control, can produce cancer-causing agents, or carcinogens, to form. The role chloramines play, while essential at disinfecting disease carrying microscopic particles, in larger amounts (or by accumulation) can be harmful to human health.



So what else does Scale Stop Plus do? How does it work? And why is it better than using salt water purification systems? First, it is sodium, potassium, acids and phosphate free! It’s about chemistry processes, not chemicals. The brainchild of mechanical and astronautical engineer, Robert Slovak, with years of experience in the water treatment industry, teamed up with others in the field to create NEXT Filtration Technologies.


The system interacts and purifies water running through one or two tanks (depending on house/plumbing size) when it comes into the home at the Point of Use (POU). Water then mixes with carbon based media which alters how metals attach to one another. Instead of bonding to create heavier molecules, the media alters crystal structures when involved with the constituent particles, suspending them in water as opposed to adhering to pipe walls, thereby eliminating scale. The resulting molecules are light enough that there is motion and flow of the smaller, lighter crystals that move float- a kind of sultry redirection of particles preventing deposits building up.



Essentially, Scale Stop Plus “redirects scale formation.” What’s more, one of the true beauties of this process is that there are no chemicals involved. Rather, the system relies on chemistry of naturally occurring constituent parts with the media and how they interact with one another. Template Assisted Crystallization, otherwise known as TAC for short, is the process noted above that excited Butler when learning about this whole home filtration system.


In the absence of chemicals added to treat water like most systems use, specifically charged atoms of calcium and magnesium attract one another as opposite charges, thereby inhibiting larger molecules that would otherwise form calcium and magnesium deposits that adhere to surfaces. The result? Microcrystals drift downstream as a colloidal suspension.



Traditional salt-incorporated water softening systems typically remove calcium and magnesium. The sodium used, however, can exacerbate cardiac issues, lead to potential weight gain, hypertension, and ironically, water retention in the human body. When salt is eliminated, the negative consequences of its purifying water are also eliminated. As Butler reinforces, “Scale Stop Plus systems do not add anything or remove anything from water, retaining (instead) the important naturally occurring minerals, especially calcium and magnesium.”


Further, as noted on the company website, “salt-using softeners must be regularly recharged by adding more salt and backflushing with fresh water which is costly, inconvenient, corrosive to pipes and water heaters, harmful to the environment and wasteful of precious resources.”


In contrast, while Scale Stop Plus systems also requires periodic back flushing, media does not need to be replaced as often as salt-operated systems. With the innovative media, it typically only needs to be replaced every three to five years after tank installation, depending on frequency and volume of water usage in the home.



Besides removing 99 percent of all heavy water soluble metals - copper, mercury and lead - this system removes all chloramines. Scale Stop Turbo TAC accomplishes this while also retaining beneficial minerals for great tasting water. In addition, it keeps clean by reducing or eliminating spots on mirrors, doors, dishes and glasses, etc. Plus, the sheeting action that prevents build-up of heavy metals accumulating as scale, prevents deposits on faucets and water heating containers thereby extending the life of their use while making them more efficient in the process.


As a no-salt system, Scale Stop Plus is eco-friendly and green with no hazardous waste by-products. Finally, it has been tested and certified by an independent source at Arizona State University. Scale Stop Plus provides a 10-year warranty and the system is essentially maintenance free. All told, the future of a system that eliminates scale while providing clean, great tasting water in the process couldn’t look brighter, or healthier.


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