The Sun-Bleached Band Returns to its Roots

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The Gloomies


The Sun-Bleached Band Returns to its Roots


After a long time away from his hometown in Southern California, Andy Craig, found himself back in the sunshine. After living out of his car for the better part of a year and a brief stay in New York, San Diego has one of our hometown talents back. As the lead singer, Andy Craig, created the Gloomies. The classic surf rock guitar gives this band a nostalgic, oceanic feel for San Diegans.

            The band has a way of having their guitar solos smooth as the waves rolling in. Their new track “Space” is no different, yet adds a little more keyboard and ambient sounds than most of their other tracks that are lead guitar heavy. As well as a slightly new sound, Craig had Madeline Follin of another popular local band, Cults, to sing alongside him in the song. The sensitive nature of the song is directly correlated by the lyrics of Craig. Space does not totally mean the universe outside of our little Earth, it is conveyed throughout the song that it is a longing for solitude and the feeling of wanting to run away from everyone. The poetic lyrics and ambient harmonies make this track have a way of keeping their old sound while introducing new sounds into the mix.

After their Blackout EP, a small sample version of an album with fewer songs than a full-length album, had some small success, they released the single LSD, which put them on the sandy map of San Diego bands. Released by local record label Thrill Me Records, the Gloomies have found themselves to have gained popularity in their hometown. The surf rock wave is rolling in all around the San Diego music scene and the Gloomies are riding the top of that wave. Their somewhat Beach Boys vibes with somber lyrics and the unique voice of Craig, make them something all their own. A unique band that brought the coasts together.

Much like Jack Kerouac’s’ classic novel, On the Road, Craig went on his American journey. Along the way, he picked up stories and treasured memories that later would become the lyrics of the Gloomies songs in their first EP Bleached Out. Much like a poet, Craig, writes his lyrics about real life situations and creates a connection to listeners, by showing them they are not alone in heartache or even in this big world. It is a place to explore and learn from the things around oneself to create beautiful art. Craig did just that and brought it home to share not only with friends and family but San Diego's music scene. 

The band always puts on a fantastic show, with a large San Diego fan base, the band is usually able to fill up the smaller venues such as Soda Bar in Normal Heights, right off the 805 freeway. On Saturday December 23rd, you can catch this band play Soda Bar. With a new song released the show should be different from ones in the past. Their energy on stage is great and bringing in another repertoire of music, gives their fans something new to be excited to hear at the upcoming show.   

Songs to check out:

  • LSD
  • Space
  • Groves
  • Fire Escape