The Tech That Is Taking Manufacturing to a Whole Other Level


Photography By Christian Langenhan

Manufacturing is one of the world’s oldest industries, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be taken to a whole other level from time to time. There are many different technologies out there that are working to improve the field to ensure that it stays relevant in the modern world.


To find out what exact pieces of tech are impacting the field manufacturing, make sure to read on.


Printed circuit boards


PCB tools and software have had and are continuing to have a massive impact on the manufacturing industry. This is because they offer the chance to auto-tune, auto-route, and auto-replace various features before they commit to them. They also allow manufacturers the chance to enjoy a faster fabrication process and a decrease in errors.


If you’re a manufacturer, you should look into investing in a PCB tool that will offer you complete control over each product that you take on — you can find a PCB tool to suit your needs at CircuitStudio by Altium. By choosing such a powerful piece of equipment, you will be to enjoy intuitive ECAD-MCAD collaboration, meaning you would have control over every inch of each designing process that you embark on. You would also be able to integrate analog and digital simulation, meaning your end-result would stand a far greater chance of being as accurate as you want or need it to be.


Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence technology is well and truly taking the field of manufacturing into the future. It is doing so because it is allowing manufacturers the chance to function in a highly customizable and incredibly fast way — this means that problems that have long been considered complex are now being solved in a far more efficient fashion.


The AI tech that is changing manufacturing includes:


  • The Internet of Things

  • Blockchain

  • Drones

  • Robotics


Embedded metrology


Quality control is essential in every single manufacturing product — without it, mistakes are made, and whole projects are either put on hold or scrapped entirely. This is why embedded metrology is so important in this day and age. What this tech does is select a machine part on random for testing. When it deduces that a part isn’t working to its optimum ability, it shuts down the whole production line until improvements or fixes have taken place. This means not only that mistakes are cut out, but also that the process of production is kept safe for all those involved with it.


The field of manufacturing never has and never will stand still. There will always be processes and practices embraced within it to ensure that it is in a constant state of growth. As you can see above, technology is well and truly playing its part in this respect. PCB tools and software is ensuring that the designing process is optimized, AI tech is helping to solve manufacturing issues that have long been deemed complex, and embedded metrology is cutting out mistakes.


If you own a manufacturing company, you may want to consider embracing the three pieces of tech listed above.