The Top 5 Rolex Watches for Men

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The Rolex catalog consists of a small collection of pillar models, among which there are countless variations.  From simple, time-only dress watches to bold tool watches with complicated movements and intricate dials; there is a Rolex watch to suit almost any style.  While there are many options to choose from, we’ve compiled a brief list of the top 5 Rolex watches that every collector should consider adding to their watch box.


The Rolex Submariner

The brand’s infamous dive watch is a no-brainer for any must-have list.  In addition to offering an impressive depth rating and necessary underwater features, such as a unidirectional time-lapse bezel and a dial topped with a luminous display, the Submariner also features an iconic style that is instantly recognizable.  The newer model Rolex Submariner 116610 is of particular interest to collectors for its use of a ceramic Cerachrom bezel insert, larger luminous display on the dial, and use of a resilient and affordable stainless steel finish.  Its slight resemblance to the vintage James Bond Rolex via a stainless steel finish and black dial and bezel further bolsters its desirability among the watch community.

The ref. 116610 has been on the market for quite some time now, making it relatively easy to find both new and pre-owned.