The Top 5 Countries for Californians to Retire to

While many Californians prefer to retire and stay where they are, there is a growing number who are deciding to spend their twilight years in a totally new country. It’s easy to see why. Although Cali has some of the best living in America, more and more people are looking for the ultimate relaxation when they retire. With lush environments around the world and a lower cost of living available in many, it’s small wonder that this trend seems to be growing. The challenge is knowing just where to retire! If you’re considering settling down in another country, then here are the top five places to retire that Californians will love.


  1. Languedoc in France


Although the cost of living in France is comparable to California, this has become a top favorite for retirees. Not only is there a magnificent sense of history, but Languedoc is also a vibrant and colorful region that has a very real French authenticity that Californians are loving. If you want to relax in Medieval surroundings, all with the perks of modern life like quality internet access, then Languedoc is definitely worth checking out.


One of the main reasons why Languedoc is becoming a popular American retirement destination is due to the diversity of exploration that’s available. With Montpellier airport being so close, it’s a simple matter of jumping on a flight to anywhere in continental Europe. However, if you’d rather stick to the car then the Spanish border, the Pyrenees Mountain Range, and the glorious wine region of Provence are all within driving distance.


  1. Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic


For those that haven’t done their research, the Dominican Republic is regularly ruled out as a place to live and settle down. The reason for that is simply down to the fact that the Dominican Republic has a reputation as nothing more than an inclusive destination for vacations. As a place to live, it often seems out of bounds, but that is slowly starting to change. As more and more Californians opt to retire in Las Terrenas and the surrounding area, it’s fast becoming the retirement destination of choice for the retiree who’s looking for fun and adventure. There are high numbers of tourists that visit the area every season, and that makes for a vibrant and party-loving residential community.


With a reputation that is both warm and welcoming, the Dominican Republic has some great spots to check out when it comes to retirement. Las Terrenas, located on the north coast of the country, is simply perfection incarnate. Managing to balance old-world sensibilities and a more cosmopolitan feel, retirees can spend their days lounging on the Caribbean beaches, dining in the top-notch restaurants, and exploring the underwater caves (for the more adventurous).


  1. The Mijas Pueblo, Spain


The stunning scenery of Andalucia in Spain has to be seen to be believed. When you combine the surroundings, the familiar Spanish culture, and the cost of living, it's no wonder that Spain has been a consistently popular retirement option for Californians over the last few decades. Spain is big though, and narrowing down the options can be tricky.


Most retiring Californians are looking for a weather and climate that is comparable to their homeland, which is why north Spain is not as popular as the southern coast. Mijas is the ideal solution. The pueblo is one of the most traditional and beautiful of the Andalucian villages, and with its white-cobbled streets and incredible views, you'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful spot to retire. Property prices are also a major reason for the growing number of US retirees, and with Right Casa Estates offering quality advice on the area and your alternate options, it’s never been easier to get yourself set up. Less frantic than the Dominican, there’s relaxing lifestyle in Mijas that truly represents the Spanish outlook. If you want to retire and relax, then it’s hard to beat Andalucia and Mijas.


  1. Chiang Mai in Thailand


There are a few reasons why Thailand should be high on your list of places to retire. Not only is the cost of living exceptionally low, but the entire way of life is also a remarkable blend of both the exotic and the idyllic. That makes it perfect for those Californians who want to be able to choose between relaxation and adventure. There are a growing number of Americans who have chosen to settle down in Thailand, with many opting for Hua Hin and Bangkok. However, smart retirees are buying property in Chiang Mai. Not only is the area absolutely stunning and a total departure from the dryness of California, there are enough expats living there for you to be able to fill your diary every day. With a good healthcare system and a drive for greater modernization, those looking for a more exotic destination to spend their retirement years would be well-advised to check out Chiang Mai.


  1. Mazatlan and the beauty of Mexico


If you don’t want to miss the amazing beaches of Cali, then Mexico is an obvious choice for retirement. Californians will feel right at home in Mexico, and Mazatlan is definitely worth a look. With a robust modernization drive that looks set to make the city one of the more popular travel destinations in the country, and with the added bonus of being so close to America, retirees who want the option of heading back to visit friends and family at home can do so with very little difficulty. The cost of living in Mazatlan is comparable with the living costs in Thailand, so if money is a deciding factor, then Mazatlan should definitely be high on your list of retirement options.


Retirement is all about doing what you love. If that’s relaxing on the beach, chilling at the bar, or partying the night away, there are plenty of options to choose from. Always research your destinations carefully, and pay close attention to the cost of living, the healthcare system, and the necessary languages. The more that you know, the easier the move will be.