The World's Top Locations to See the Northern Lights


The awesome, dancing Northern Lights in the night sky are one phenomenon that tends to be on everybody’s travel bucket list. Known as ‘aurora borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora Australis’ in the south, the lights are a stunning auroral display of many colors including pale green, pale pink, and splashes of yellow, red, green, blue and violet. The Northern Lights are usually best spotted from around late August to mid-April, and there are various locations around the world where they can be seen. Here are some of the best destinations to visit if you are hoping to spot the Northern Lights. 

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA:

If you’re in the US, viewing the Northern Lights may not be as lengthy of trip as you might have imagined. In fact, Fairbank in the state of Alaska has a prime location for viewing the aurora borealis, because it’s under the ‘Auroral Oval’, which is a ring-shaped zone over the far north where the aurora activity is concentrated. 

Yukon, Canada:

Across the border in Canada, the Yukon territory is an ideal spot for viewing the Northern Lights. In fact, they often begin to appear as soon as the darker nights start to return in the winter, and often before the first snowfall. And, the small population of this location means that there is less light pollution compared to other locations, making for higher chances of seeing the aurora. 

Reykjavik, Iceland:

There can be up to 20 hours of darkness per day during the winter in Reykjavik, making it one of the most ideal locations for viewing the Northern Lights. In fact, many people who visit Iceland do so with the aurora borealis in mind. Þingvellir National Park on a clear winter night is a popular place to see the most vivid light show in the city.

Murmansk, Russia:

If you’re on a tight budget and want to experience the unforgettable Northern Lights, Murmansk in Russia is the best destination to choose. Located on the Kola Peninsula, there are over forty days of uninterrupted night and with a small population, the light pollution is extremely low, allowing visitors to enjoy pure darkness and a better experience of the auroras. For travelers who don’t want to spend a lot, the city is perfect offering budget accommodation options and relatively priced tours compared to other destinations. Check out tours for the Northern Lights -

Inari, Finland:

If you’re looking for trips to see Northern Lights - with great success rates, then the Lapland region in Scandinavia is the perfect choice of destination. In fact, according to the Finland Meteorological Region, the Northern Lights are visible in the night sky in Northern Lapland three out of every four nights. Inari is an ideal destination thanks to its close proximity to the North Pole. It sits within the auroral region and is an awesome place to view the phenomenon. This remote village lies off the shores of Lake Inari, and there is even a private beach purely for watching the Northern Lights. 

Moray Coast, Scotland:

The UK might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of viewing the Northern Lights, but did you know that the north of Scotland lies at the same latitude as Nunivak Island in Alaska and Stavanger in Norway? Stretching from Aberdeen to Inverness, the 50-mile long coast is a stunning place to watch the Northern Lights during the winter. The best time to try and see the auroras is between October and March when the sky is at its darkest. 

Which of these destinations is first on your list for seeing the Northern Lights?