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The best Singlo Online Game

When playing online slots games, you can be sure about the fact that the fun is included. The variety of games, the comfort of playing straight from home and the possibility to play for free are just some of the benefits that the online casino industry offers to its fans.

Slingo Online is played on a 5 x 5 grid of randomly generated numbers on it that resembles a 75-ball bingo card.  Directly below the grid are the reels, but they do not look much like a regular slot machine as only one space on each reel is visible. In each game, you have a possible total of 20 turns spinning five numbers, and if you spin a number that matches one on your grid, then you can cross it off. Just keep in mind that only the first 16 spins are free. The others have to be paid for both through the use of free spins or cashing in points already scored.

The idea of Slingo game is to get as many points as possible, by matching numbers from the result of spinning the reels with numbers from the grid. If you may control at some point of the course of 20 turns to cross off every quantity at the grid, you get a "full-card" point bonus as properly.


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Slingo online is a free game developed by Blastworks Inc. for Android, that belongs to the category Puzzle. This game is available in many languages as German, Italian, French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

During your Slingo online game, other items will pop up and they might help or hinder you. So, the jokers allows any number in the above column to be daubed (with some restriction, depending on the joker's color), the Super Joker allows any number anywhere on the grid to be daubed, the Gold Coin awards points, the Free Spin awards a free spin token that can be used to pay for one spin after spin 16 and the Devil steals away half of your points.

The numbers which you spin are absolutely random, because of this that they might repeat, or, in maximum cases, they might not match up with the ones for your board.

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You can always play slingo online and discover an awesome range of classic slots, all available to play on desktop and mobile, so you can spin and win! Check out our exclusive and unmissable selection of Slingo Originals games as: Slingo XXXTreme, Slingo Carnival, Slingo Extreme, Slingo Reaches etc.

For example, if you try to play Slingo Reaches or Slingo XXXtreme, you’ll notice some differences between the versions. At first one, the most important difference is that there are only 11 initial free spins rather than 16 and only 15 in total rather than 20. The second version has smaller payouts for 6-9 Slingos and bigger payouts for 10 Slingos and Full House and 8 extra spins instead of the 4 in the Slingo Reaches version.

Playing online casino games is all about fun, but you also want to make sure that you're playing within your limits. The amazing combination of slots and bingo give you a truly unique online gaming experience. It's extra-special because there's nothing else like it!