The best gaming headset for every budget

A gaming experience depends very much on the quality of sound that you get from the headset. The difference between a best gaming headset and normal headset designed for listening to music is the driver size. The driver size of a gaming headset specifically designed for online and PC games is above 40mm of size. This plays a major role in delivering the sound quality that sounds the best.

Why a gaming headset wins?

Besides the sound quality, there are many aspects that make gaming headset better than a normal headset.


Gaming headsets are customized for long hours of wear and their cushions are soft and easy on ears. They do not heat up your ears, and its inner parts like normal headsets do.

Noise Cancellation

Gaming headsets are technically designed to eliminate noise and ambient sounds, which means you don’t hear the keyboard typing sounds or such unwanted sounds and can fully enjoy the gaming sounds. It also means you are a step ahead of other players in gaming as you can hear each and every sound very articulately.


Gaming headsets are usable in many ways and just not for gaming. You can use for your business needs, personal work on a laptop, or for attending calls, etc.

Besides, many gaming headsets are compatible across various operating systems of PC. Hence you get a double celebration with just one gaming headset. If you have doubts about the compatibility of that gaming headset, never hesitate to go through the gaming headset reviews on Hot Rate before making a final selection.

Choice of Options

Gaming headsets come in various colors and quirky designs. You also get them in both wired and wireless options. It means when you buy a gaming headset, you get a bunch of goodies – quality, comfort, style, and ultimate gaming experience.

5 Gaming headsets in various budgets

Looking at all these if you think gaming headsets may be very costly to afford, think again. We have a compilation of gaming headsets that suit every budget. As you take a look at this gaming headset guide, you will understand that there is a gaming headset for every budget.

Logitech G430

Price: Under $40

Specifications: 40 mm Driver, Audio Dolby 7.1 and Noise Cancellation

What users are saying: This is the best gaming headset under $50 and makes an excellent choice for beginners. This budget-friendly option offers amazing Dolby 7.1 noise surround; the drivers are 40mm and the mic has noise cancellation feature.

It is light in weight and the design is very comfortable even for long hours of wearing.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

Price: Under $100

Specifications: 40 mm Driver, DTS 7.1 and Noise Cancellation

What users are saying: Under $100, this is the top choice for many gamers. The design and the finish are attractive and its DTS sound feature are its main assets. This SteelSeries’ Arctis is a best pick for one who has not much higher budget and is looking for DTS quality sound effects.

Sennheiser GAME ZERO

Price: Under $200

Specifications: 40 mm Driver, Stereo and Noise Cancellation

What users are saying: This gaming headset has superior sound quality and mic quality. Sennheiser has always delivered a proven range of headsets and this one is no exception. The stereo sound quality is on par with Dolby or DTS and you are assured a happy gaming experience.

Beyerdynamic MMX300

Price: Under $500

Specifications: 40 mm Driver, Stereo and Noise Cancellation

What users are saying: If money is not a criterion and you are looking for the best gaming headset that you can consider the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PC Gaming Headset. Many users said that the quality is so good that it is on par with a headset that pilots use. Is this not enough to say how amazing this headset is?

Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha

Price: Under $100

Specifications: 50 mm Driver, Stereo and Noise Cancellation

What users are saying: Another awesome gaming headset under $100, which gives you the best of sound experience while gaming. Users felt that this headset is very apt for anyone who is looking for a high-quality features in less than $100. Its driver size is 50 mm, which means you are assured of a better sound quality than the ones with 40mm driver size.

What to look in while choosing a gaming headset?

The list of gaming headsets can be many. You might also come across many gaming headsets at your friends or during your shopping. But there are some aspects that you need to keep in your mind while picking up a gaming headset.

Till the past years, it was all the era of speakers for gaming or movies; since the invent of headsets, the gaming experience has changed all over. All that you need to do is chose the best gaming headset while keeping the following points in mind:

Your budget– do not go overboard your budget for a gaming headset, unless you are really happy spending those extra bucks on it.


The size of the driver – as we have seen the size of the driver should be more than 40mm. So check the specifications next time.


The durability – check the reviews for best gaming headset online and note down what other users are saying about durability. It is a wise option to spend a few bucks more for a durable headset that to settle down with a cheaper one with no durability.

Comfort–Gaming headsets are designed in both wired and wireless modes. You can choose the one that is according to your choice and pick one from many of the amazing models of best gaming headsets available.


Designs–Gaming lovers need quirky and adventurous mood or tone. Gaming headsets are available in many designs and color tones and finishes. So why not grab one that suits your mood and likes?

The best gaming headset can be a fantastic addition to your gaming zone. All that you need to do is make a wise decision keeping in mind many aspects mentioned in this comprehensive gaming headset guide.

Happy gaming!