The Colleges in California with Dorms of the Highest Quality

The number of colleges in California with dorms of the highest quality is not that big. Here, you will see the best options you can find in the state.

Best college dorms design in California

The colleges in California with dorms of the highest quality

When you hear "college or university dorm," the first thought that appears in your mind is discomfort. Most likely, you start imagining cramped rooms, double bunk beds, and scary communal bathrooms. In this article, you will learn the colleges in California with dorms of the highest quality.

California is well-known for the luxurious life of its residents. However, when it comes to a college and university housing amenity, it is not always the case. While the price for high education increases every year, students have to spend extra money on the writing services like to carry on with their studies. Meanwhile, the design of the dorm apartment leaves much to be desired.

The Best Dorm Design in California

There are a lot of nuances to consider when selecting an institute, and the place where you'll rest and study for four years is undoubtedly one of them. To find the best colleges in California with dorms of the highest quality, you will have to pay attention to private reviews on a campus facility, residence prices, and several available places. Keep reading to see three educational institutions with some of the most beautiful dorm rooms in the area.

  • A residence hall at Santa Clara University is reminding a nice hotel: All new students stay in the so-called "Residential Learning Communities." Their dorms look more like a fancy hotel than a block-based complex. The full amenities include eight academic centers, each of which has its unique design. Every design concept is meant for developing a sense of belonging. For junior and senior students, the university provides sophisticated University Villas featuring a charming courtyard.

  • A residence hall at Scripps College is looking like a traditional mansion: The local students are provided with comfortable living experience. There are ten residence halls on-campus, each of which is equipped with modern furniture and fancy decor. Some of them have private areas where students can talk to each other, read a book, or even do their studies. Several of the residence halls feature entertaining spaces with a communal piano and a pool.

  • A residence hall at the University of California Davis is designed as a modern housing amenity: Students of the University of California Davis can access a swimming pool, kitchen, dining area, and living room that are close to a bedroom. The Cuarto Area consists of three separate dorm buildings - Emerson, Thoreau, and Webster, each of which has its own nice-looking landscaped courtyard. Cuarto is located far from the central campus but close to the public metropolitan. At the same time, it is equipped with a merchandise store bound to the student’s convenience.

Closing Note

Where students live during their college and university years? This is a serious question as it may affect the students’ academic performance. While it is not the topic of fashion, it is still lovely to design dorms according to modern trends. This is where the state of California tries to take the lead.