The creative décor: 6 tips to design a perfect teenager's bedroom

Decorating a teenager's bedroom is a daunting task  It is definitely challenging to reach their expectations. They are neither kids to be impressed by an animal-themed decoration and cartoon prints nor the adults to enjoy the beautiful chandeliers. Your teenager is going to spend most of his/her time in their bedroom so don't miss to know their interests and try to visualize it from their perspective. Teenagers wish to have privacy and it is our responsibility to make a check of it. It is perhaps a tough task for the parents to design a cozy yet functional bedroom. meandmylifestyle would make your task easy.

Regardless of the space, it should be versatile for them to manage all their work, hang up with friends, sleep, play, etc. Use creative approaches to meet up the multi-purpose needs. 

Select a theme

Choosing the theme for your teenager’s bedroom is the first and foremost step, it gives you the overall picture. Brainstorm with your kids. You can pull the theme from their hobbies and interests. A minimalistic approach is a better way to design his/her bedroom.

Color selection

Usually, a teenager's bedroom isn't the largest room in the house but teens wish to have a spacious area. Bright color palettes create an illusion of space. Don't bring the rules like pink for girls and blue for boys. Let them choose the color scheme of their choice and this makes them happy. It is actually the extension of their personality. The bold colors give positive energy to your teens with a smile on their faces.

Accent walls

Add a wow factor to any room by creating an accent wall. This accent wall brings a bit of drama to the room. Choose the color of the accent wall that works well with other colors in the room. Use a beautiful custom printed wallpaper, you can personalize it by hanging on some artwork or add some pictures of the kid. Think outside of the box and make it special keeping it budget-friendly.

Smart storage

Teenagers require more storage space for their books, stationery, accessories, clothes, games, etc. And it is essential to have a lot of shelves to put the things organized. Invest in the furniture pieces that double up the storage space. Smart ideas like overhead storage, wall to wall cupboards might serve the purpose.  Other space-saving ideas include under-the-bed cabinets, dressers, cabinet walls around the bed.

Personal workspace

There were days when we were just offered a small space in one corner of the house with a table and chair. It is now the different case in modern homes, they are highly sophisticated, well-organized, and cater to the needs of everyone. Choosing a corner of the room would be a better idea for a teenager’s bedroom because you wouldn't want them to get disturbed. A seat near the window with the natural light and fresh air will be ideal. Plan with an eye on the future.

Decorate with plants

There are many indoor plants that require low light and low maintenance. Incorporating greenery in the teens' bedroom gives them peace and calmness. Greenery is always soothing. Besides adding beauty to space, they help in purifying the air. It also aids in reducing the stress and sharpen the focus.