The Three Most Important Things for Strong, Healthy Hair

How to get the shiny, shimmering hair you've always wanted.

Healthy Hair

1. Drink your Greens

I rarely tell everyone the same thing, but when it comes to greens, everyone needs a healthy green drink in the morning! The chlorophyll, algaes and green grasses increase red blood cell production in the body. Red blood cells are not only important for your immune system, but your mood as well. Red blood cells stabilize your mood and sleep patterns and also help your hair to grow quickly and healthy. For my favorite green drink products, check out Veridatta Skin Greens. 

2.  H20 with Lemon

Lemon water takes the pH of the blood and increases it into an alkaline state. The best things in life, like chocolate, wine, burritos, pizza, and coffee, increase the acidity of the body. Most disease in the body gets momentum because of a constant state of acidity.  Heart disease, osteoporosis and fatigue can all be connected back to an acidic state of the body. Drink at least 40 ounces of lemon water a day and you will not only feel better, your hair will also be more hydrated. 

3. Oil it Up

Every night I put some sort of oil in my hair so that upon waking my hair is nourished. The type of oil you buy is going to determine whether you are using it as a treatment or as a "look."  A treatment oil is going to be organic and raw. My favorite right now is argan oil; this one from Zweena is organic and without scent. This will be a treatment for the hair, providing incredible moisture and replenishment for your strands. If you do not have the ability to do a treatment every night, use a product like Moroccan Oil’s Glimmer Shine. This is a day oil that will provide a bit of protection from the sun but will not nourish the hair in the way a treatment oil would.  

End of the summer hair does not have to be tired and dried out. Feed your hair just as you would your skin, the most nourishing ingredients the earth has to offer, for strong, healthy hair.   

Hair Loss Expert