The Top Contender for San Diego’s Best Burger: Slaters 50/50

The juicy 50/50, San Diego’s swinging contender for its “Best Burger.”


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Alright meat lovers, let’s tackle the heavy task of choosing the best burger. The fascination of bacon loving is no new trend, but Slater’s takes this to the next level. Scott Slater, the founder, is the genius creator of the original Slaters 50/50 patty; made of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef. As if that wasn’t enough to convince bacon connoisseurs to go check out Slater’s, there’s much more that this restaurant brings to the palate. An extensive craft beer selection, bacon cocktails and just a plain fun atmosphere.

Located at 2750 Dewey Road, just north of Liberty station, Slater’s has ample parking and medium sized patio dining area. Approaching the front door, is the large bronze statue of the iconic burger, but once you taste it, you’ll see why is deserves such praise. Pooches are also welcome in the patio dining area, so bring the family dog for a ride. The atmosphere is casual, so leave the tie at home for this one, kick back and enjoy a drink in a relaxed setting. The walls of Slater’s are covered with hilarious pop art, that brings a smile to all the customers who take the time to examine them. The friendly staff are ready to take your order at a moment’s notice, and the flat screen’s over the bar cover a large array of sporting events.

All of that is notable, but to take the bold approach of calling it the best burger, ultimately comes down to, well, the burger! Let’s get down to business. The Original 50/50 comes loaded with a Slater’s bacon-beef patty. This patty is not to be underestimated, it’s large, it’s juicy, and does not mess around. A blanket of pepper jack cheese, lays right on top of the 50/50, and a sunny side up egg happens to be the lubricant to this piece of work. Add some avocado mash, chipotle adobo mayo, and add a knife that pierces the top of the brioche bun, to keep this monstrosity in one piece. Slater’s prides themselves in weighing the burgers after cooking, which is no joke, you will be full after this meal.C:\Users\ErikF\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Slaters_5050_ELA_Retouched.jpg

To keep the 50/50 trend going, Slater’s offers the B’ B’ B’ Bacon, the Hawaiian, the Pizza Burger, and if you’re looking for a zing to the throat, the Siracha Burger is there for those brave souls. If bacon is not your thing, they do offer angus beef burgers, bison, and even a veggie patty. The beer menu is large and in charge with over 100 craft and local beers on tap. Their drink menu is also ample, but most notably pair that tasty burger with some of their bacon mixed drinks. The Bacon Old Fashioned is there to compliment to those 50/50 patty’s. Made with bacon-washed bourbon, maple syrup and whiskey bitters, this Old Fashioned will leave a smoky taste lingering, keeping you on your toes for the next bite of your burger.

Slater’s 50/50 was founded in 2009 in Anaheim Hills, California by Scott Slater, and since then Slater’s has achieved numerous awards, you can check out those out on their website. If there is another burger that wants to challenge Slater’s 50/50 for the heavyweight title, there’s one thing for sure, Slater’s will go down swinging, hard and fast.