These Local Musicians Rocked Rancho Santa Fe

Daring Greatly, Soul Ablaze and Billy Fedak brought the house down in Cielo Village.

Soul Ablaze at the Art, Rhythm and Wine event

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At the Art, Rhythm and Wine event on October 24th, three incredible musical acts performed to an excited crowd of art and wine lovers. Daring Greatly, Billy Fedak, and Soul Ablaze all provided memorable performances from the beginning of their sets through the end of the night. Each of the bands rocked the show and drew excitement from artists and guests alike. We spoke with all of these talented musical acts to learn why they started performing and what they loved about the first ever Art, Rhythm and Wine event.

Daring Greatly performed at the Art Rhythm and Wine event

Daring Greatly

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Daring Greatly is a 5-man rock band. They describe themselves as a family band,” with father Dail Croome and his two sons Patrick and Liam Croome, along with his two adoptedsons Brayden Tario and Brandon Haddow. All 5 consider themselves lifelong friends, connected not only through music, but also through a mutual love for hockey. Daring Greatly, managed by Brenda Russell-Baca of BSR Events and Entertainment, met with Marvin Williams of Big M Entertainment at Sony Pictures Studios to discuss future plans for the band. In addition, they are currently in the studio recording their next album. At the Art, Rhythm and Wine event, Daring Greatly closed out the night, playing for a collection of wine vendors and VIP guests underneath twinkling strands of lights hung in the courtyard of Cielo Village. Brayden Tario, the drummer in Daring Greatly, was kind enough to answer some questions on behalf of his band.

Q: Where does the name Daring Greatly come from?

Daring Greatly was first inspired by a book written by Brene Brown titled, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, and Lead. The entire band has read, been inspired by and thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author, in turn, was inspired by Theodore Roosevelts speech, Citizenship in a Republic.The speech spoke of vulnerability and of striving for the goal, even if success is not guaranteed. To the author, this speech is about the reward of making a valiant effort, not about winning or losing, which we feel is an excellent motto heading into this crazy world that is the music business!

Q: What are your musical influences?

The 5 of us all grew up with slightly different tastes in music, however today we all love and appreciate all types of music. Our main influences come from classic groups/artists such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the Eagles, and the Allman Brothers Band to modern bands such as Kings Of Leon and the Zac Brown Band. 

Q: You performed at the Art, Rhythm and Wine event this past Saturday, and the crowd loved your music. What are your favorite covers to play live?

We love playing most of them, a couple that stick out are Kings Of Leon's Family Tree, Turn The Page (a mix of Bob Segers' original and the version done by Metallica), Free by Zac Brown Band (a medley mix with Van Morrison's Into The Mystic), Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith and Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles. 

Q: You have a lot of original songs on your website. How does the writing process work for Daring Greatly?

For us, the songs have mostly started out on the acoustic guitar, played by Patrick Croome. The riffs are then brought to the jam room where we are all able to add our own unique flares and collectively agree with where the song will go from there. Lyrically, we all have our share of verses and poetry written out, it's just a matter of sorting through them and figuring out the mood and feel of each riff and matching them with words. 

Q: Finally, is there any message you have for your fans?

The bands philosophy is to remain relevant, connected and creative. We want to be able to continue to write and perform music that allows people to celebrate life, challenges people to be brave enough to be freeand authentic, and creates a quiet and loving revolution that creates a shift in the way people live their lives, so that there is less focus on the empty materiality, and more focus on the things that we know truly provides fulfillment, such as deep connection, freedom and a purpose greater than oneself.

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